“Wielka Polska” tagged at the end of Kent St. near the North entrance of Transmitter Park.

Graffiti with the words “Wielka Polska” (Great Poland in English) and the Celtic cross, which according to the Anti-Defamation League is one of the most common white supremacist symbols, appeared at the Kent St. entrance to Transmitter Park next to East River Studios, where the Showtime production “Billions” is currently filming.

The hate symbol appeared on Monday morning following the Nov. 11, Polish Independence centennial celebration of “Sto Lat,” which also marks the end of World War I in 1918.

The graffiti features the Celtic cross, a common white supremacist symbol.

Much like in the United States, Poland is seeing a rise in hate speech this year and recently the Polish Senate passed a law making it illegal to blame the country for alleged complicity in Nazi war crimes, according to the U.N. 

Last week, a man was arrested for defacing Union Temple in Prospect Heights and setting fires at six other locations including at a Yeshiva in Williamsburg; the man was found to have a history of mental illness. While the phrase “Wielka Polska” or “Great Poland,” is not considered a hate speech phrase, the far right is surging politically in Poland. The independence march yesterday in Warsaw was originally  canceled by the city’s mayor due to a fear of fascist violence, only to be rescheduled by rightwing populist President  Andrzej Duda

The independence march this year in Warsaw was smaller in scale and featured less supremacist symbology compared with recent years, according to the Guardian.



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  1. This is very sad and deeply troubling, especially on this date which is the hundredth anniversary of Polish independence. Sadly, whoever this idiot is, does not realize that millions of Polish people were killed because they were labeled untermenschen by the Nazis. This person is totally ignorant of Polish history and the tragedy such an ideology brought upon Poland.
    I am sure, though, that this person does not speak for the vast majority of Polish people living in our area who embrace America and its values of toleration.

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