A non-Amazon-owned boat on Newtown Creek

Two weeks ago at their annual fundraiser, the North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (formerly Open Space Alliance) announced that Amazon Fashion donated $100,000 to the organization focused on bringing more recreational greenspace to the neighborhood.

Now, in a bid to lure Amazon HQ2 to the industrial shores of the East River, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has offered to rename Newtown Creek to Amazon Creek, and is throwing in hundreds of millions of dollars in state subsidies to sweeten the deal, the New York Daily News reports.

Our totally not corrupt Governor, who renamed the Tappan Zee Bridge to the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, is seeking to re-up his corporate donor war chest after spending $26.5 million to defeat Cynthia Nixon in the 2018 state primary elections. Could Cuomo simply be looking for an endlessly pocketed donor and in the process sellout our local history for a corporate brand?

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that Cuomo previously built one of the largest stockpiles of cash out of the entire Democratic party through NYC real estate donations: “Cuomo’s donors extend heavily through the real-estate and building sectors. As a result, $34 million of Cuomo’s cash since 2010 came from Manhattan; $18 million from out of state; $11 million from Nassau County; $6.6 million from Westchester County and $5.4 million from Albany County.”

Long Island City would be an obvious choice for Amazon HQ2, and the city announced on Monday a $180 million investment strategy to improve infrastructure in the neighborhood that has experienced breakneck highrise development over the past decade.


Will Greenpoint soon be renamed to Amazonpoint? Cuomopoint sounds better.


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  1. Absolutely not!! Even Amazon Creek nauseated me!! Leave Greenpoint alone! It has a history. All those Polish and Russians the took refuge there. My family being one.
    Yes, Greenpoint has changed with the times. Skyscrapers now for the landscape. As a young girl I knew Greenpoint would grow. We had a hell of a view of Manhattan. You wouldn’t rename the East river now, Would you?

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