Van Leeuwen’s Ice Cream is now featured at Selamat Pagi

If there’s not enough heat in your summer, stop by Selamat Pagi to further spice it up. Right off idyllic McGolrick Park at 152 Driggs Avenue, Seamat Pagi is one of Greenpoint’s few Indonesian restaurants, serving dishes with a kick and — as of this summer — sundaes infusing Van Leeuwen Ice Cream to help you cool down.

Under the direction of new executive chef Jack Roche, these delectable new treats include the Sumatra Sundae (vegan cold brew ice cream, coconut whip cream, cacao nibs, and luxardo cherry sauce) and the Subtropic Summer Sorbets (strawberry and soursop, mango sorbet, coconut whip cream, and house-made candied fennel brittle).

But even if you only come for the main, year-round dishes, you still won’t be disappointed. Though a cuisine not often seen in the nabe, Selamat Pagi’s menu is accessible — and affordable. Dinner entrees are all $20 or less, and the options are varied. But despite its off-the-beaten-path dishes, the rest of the experience is classic Greenpoint: Meyers soap in the bathrooms, votives decorating the candles, even metal straws, a new and necessary eco-friendly trend.

But onto the food: rich in curry dishes (ranging from pumpkin to beef) and spins on seafood (try the Shrimp and Corn Fritters appetizer), Selamat Pagi offers plenty of large but light meals. And if you’re in the mood for something cooler this blazing summer, some chillier dishes are offered, like the Green Papaya Salad and Fresh Noodles and Tempeh. Be warned: these still might have a little kick.


But if you really need a refresher, try the styling sundaes and of course Kaffir Limeade. Tangy and just a tad sweet, this must-have bev is the perfect compliment on these scorching days, and the drink is even flavored (and garnished!) with a kaffir lime leaf, a staple in Indonesian cooking and a culinary motif in many of Selamat Pagi’s recipes.

The only thing more prevalent than the lime flavors is the restaurant’s informed and amiable staff. They, and the essential AC, make dining at Selamat Pagi well worth the visit.

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