now there’s even more to enjoy in McGolrick! via the Open Space Alliance

Happy Friday, Greenpoint! With all the warm weather, you may want to spend as much time as possible in Greenpoint’s lovely parks. Now, that’s easier than ever, since the bathrooms at McGolrick Park are open again!

While municipal improvements to our public parks are generally lauded, constant new private development in the neighborhood is less beloved. But, there’s a bunch in the works this week: A 9-unit residential building is planned for 305 Kingsland Avenue, and 65 units of affordable housing for seniors are rising at 64 Scholes St. in Williamsburg. 

Also in real estate, a New York Supreme Court judge has dropped the discrimination suit against the controversial Pfizer Project development slated for Broadway Triangle.

Meanwhile, at the 94th Precinct, police have arrested a suspect in last week’s road-rage fueled stabbing and hit and run.




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