via The New L

A new Brooklyn-based company calling itself “The New L” will be rolling into town in April 2019, offering a “guaranteed and reliable luxurious daily commute.”

Luxurious? Daily? Commute? you may ask. Apparently, such an experience will entail “Luxury shuttles driven by professional chauffeurs,” as well as “chargers, Wi-Fi, and breakfast bars on board,” all for $155/month. The fee includes passage to Manhattan Monday-Friday, but no word on getting home, or what you’ll need to do on the weekend. 

While there are no operational details or routes yet available on their site, the folks behind the New L want you to know their their service is #WorthIt, because luxury van travel will save you from having to move to Manhattan. The logic runs: if you stay on this side of the river, you will not have to  suffer “moving costs, $15 margs and the emotional toll of leaving your favorite neighborhood behind.” Allegedly, all these perks will make $155 one-way surface level transit #WorthIt

Sounds like some convoluted reasoning. As convoluted as your commute during L-pocalypse? That remains to be seen. Good luck, Greenpoint.

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