Whether you believe the music industry to be thriving or dying, everyone can probably agree that there is no shortage of musicians in New York City. In Brooklyn alone, any night of the week offers a countless variety of live performances in all styles. Regardless of how many years these performers have been playing, their level of raw talent, or “who they know”, a single factor determines how they are received by an audience: rehearsal.

Think of the last show you saw. Did it blow your face off in awe? Put tears into your eyes? Or did it put a huge smile on your face? You feel such emotions because the musicians have practiced diligently, and are invested in their own perfection. These artists have been booking rehearsal spaces all over NYC, often traveling across hell’s half acre, hoping to find a room that sounds good. Or, with less idealism, just the most affordable option to practice regularly.

Enter Pirate Studios. Since early March, the UK-based company has been offering musicians a new way to rehearse by using an innovative, customer-driven model. With 24/7 online booking, fully outfitted and spectacular sounding rooms, and a live recording of the practice included, a small community is sprouting within 3 rooms at 19 Division Place.

In order to respect the musician’s wallet, the Pirate model is all about self-service. There are no employees on site, and only basic tutorials for the gear provided; leaving the power of practice in the musician’s hands. While some degree of equipment knowledge is advised, customer service is available 24/7 to supply spares or simply to explain how to turn on the AC or heating.


With a growing list of over 35,000 bands, musicians, and DJs creating and rehearsing in over 200 spaces across the UK, Pirate Studios has dropped anchor in Brooklyn. Pirate will continue to pioneer into 2019, launching more locations in the UK, a grand opening in Berlin, and necessary expansion in NYC. Beyond that horizon, expect openings in every music capital across America.

Pirate Studios is located on 19 Division Place, Brooklyn, and is open 24/7 when you use their self-booking portal. Visit their site for more info and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Sponsored by Pirate Studios: NYC rehearsal, DJ, and production studios where you receive a free mixed and mastered live recording with every booking. Every room comes with professional equipment from Fender, Marshall, Mapex and Ashdown. Rooms are easily booked online upfront in advance of your session. The studios are self-booked meaning they’re open 24/7, so use them any time of day. Rates start at just $8/hour.

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