The biggest ever Sumo Stew is coming to East Williamsburg next Tuesday (7/17) at Arrogant Swine (173 Morgan Avenue) from 6-9pm. The event is hosted by photographer Michael Harlan Turkell and Harry Rosenblum, the owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen. The pair teamed up to create a Japan-centered foodie event series (they’ve done more than a dozen at this point) featuring bowls of chankonabe (sumo stew) as the main dish, which sumo wrestlers make and chow down on before a match. And, of course, sumo wrestling matches are live streamed during the evening. This round of Sumo Stew will feature a North Carolina BBQ-style Whole Hog chankonabe, in collaboration with BBQ joint Arrogant Swine.
Tickets and complete event info here.

Bowls of chankonabe. Photo via Sumo Stew
Michael Harlan Turkell (r) and Harry Rosenblum (l). Photo via Sumo Stew

The tickets are $60, but that gets you a whole lot of Japanophile fun. Each participant gets a bento box, bowl of chankonabe, and 2 drink tickets to be used for sake, shochu, or a whisky cocktail – and round after round of sumo. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Japan Society. Here’s a detailed list of all the cool things you’ll get:

Bento Box (with Japanese-inspired dishes from top local chefs):

  • Spicy Beef Shank & Yuba Salad from Junzi
  • Mushroom & Pickled Plum Onigiri (rice balls) from Momo Sushi Shack
  • Seaweed Salad with Ikura and Fried Potato from Juku
  • Hiyashi Chukka (cold ramen) from O Ya

The Dessert course:


Plus items from vendors:

  • Wuhao tenugui (Japanese-style multi-purpose cloths)
  • Japanese ink painting performance by Taisan Tanaka
  • Kimono and yukata rentals and sales from Kaede
  • NYrture New York Natto
  • Bokksu, premium Japanese snack subscription box

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