Williamsburg Bridge (photo: Julia Moak)

Happy Friday, Greenpoint! For some of our neighbors, this has been a tough week. On Sunday, 500 Greenpoint residents lost their heat and hot water when National Grid cut service due to a water-damaged gas line.

But, Greenpoint isn’t entirely without modern conveniences, and a kickstarter campaign launched on Thursday wants to up the ante. The project calls for a floating pedestrian bridge connecting Greenpoint and Long Island City. 

Speaking of Bridges, it became clear at Wednesday’s L-pocalypse Town Hall in Williamsburg that the Williamsburg Bridge can only handle 3 extra trains per hour over the current schedule, certainly not enough to meet the demands of ousted L riders. 

While many New Yorkers may turn to bicycles during the shutdown, that may not be an option for at least one Williamsburg resident, whose bike was stolen on Sunday. Police are looking for a man who stole a bike from 143 S. 8th Street last weekend. 

Speaking of stealing, a Greenpoint resident had $1,200 stolen from his account.


But in more positive economic news, Andrew Hogan celebrated his two year run as President of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. He considers his micro-loan program to under-represented business owners to be the greatest legacy of his tenure.

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