The weather is getting warmer and we can finally breakup for good with Mr. Nor’Easter. This summery breath of fresh air means it’s the start of rosé season. We asked Lily Peachin of Dandelion Wine Shop (153 Franklin Street) for some blush-colored wine recommendations for any occasion from a backyard BBQ to a rooftop romantic soiree. She notes, “Keep in mind that it’s still early in the season, and we’ll have a lot more variety in the next several weeks.” Read on for her favorites!

Rolling Summer Rosé – $25
This rosé of Gamay from Washington State is made by our dear friends at Division Winemaking Company in Portland, Oregon, after a few Dandelion employees dreamed up a bar that played only music of The Rolling Stones and Donna Summer which we would call “Rolling Summer”—while drinking beer in a bar in Paris called Some Girls, named after The Rolling Stones’ album “Some Girls”.  We didn’t make the bar happen, but we did create a label for this rosé at least. It was a beautiful moment in time shared by friends who no longer work together, but the wine lives on! Snappy red fruit and zingy acidity make this a great food wine.

Phillipe Viallet “Les Flocons” Rosé, Savoie, France – $13
Everyday Rosé.  This dry, dry, DRY, Savoie 100% Gamay rosé would be great doing laundry or entertaining guests in the backyard. It drinks like pink Alpine snow water. “Les Flocons” translates to “snowflakes”. Refreshing, cheap and light enough to throw down whenever. Easy-drinking.
Brick and Mortar Rosé, Sonoma Coast, California – $9/can
California rosé in a can. 64% Pinot Noir, 36% Syrah. 100% delicious. Drink it while gardening, at a little league game, on the ferry, or in the park on a sunny day. Hell, drink it at your weekly poker night. Just beware; one can = half a bottle of wine.



From The Tank Rosé, Domaine de la Patience, Vin de France – $32/3L box
A big crowd coming over for Sunday BBQ? Going camping?  Sharing a house at the beach one weekend? 1 box. Four bottles. Problem solved. 80% Grenach and 20% Syrah. Organic and a store favorite… surprisingly delicious coming from A BOX!


Walnut City Pinot Noir Rosé, Willamette Valley, Oregon – $17
You want something fresh? Vibrant? Strawberries leaping from the glass? Also Willamette Valley Pinot Noir for under $20???  This is your man man! I picture you sitting on a picnic blanket gnawing on some cold fried chicken whilst enjoying this bad boy.

Laherte Frere ​Rosé de Meunier Champagne $55
Gorgeous, BONE DRY, pink Champagne​ for any special occasion.​ Be it dinner with friends, your birthday, a summer ​weddingor​ the World Series…. 100% Pinot Meunier

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