The “male figure (heroic scale) tugging at a hawser with an integral plinth” looks cold—put a shirt on, dude—The Monitor Memorial at McGolrick Park. Photo: Megan Penmann

Yesterday’s all-day snowstorm left Greenpoint gracefully blanketed in more than a foot of snow. Schools were closed, trendy fitness classes were cancelled, some businesses took a snow day—yet others defiantly remained open to serve warm beverages and food to the toughest of Greenpointers. Today as the snow melts, drips and drops from trees and fire escapes onto our heads, let’s take a look at what locals witnessed first hand yesterday.

In front of Little Dokebi during the storm. Photo: Megan Penmann
In front of McGolrick Park (left) and PS 110 The Monitor School during the snowstorm. Photo: Megan Penmann
Vintage green car in Greenpoint Photo: Megan Penmann

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