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Wow, has it been cold or what?! I mean, like, we went straight past Netflix-binge-cold to I-hope-the-delivery-man-doesn’t-freeze-to-death-cold. (Also, I know y’all tip heavy so I won’t even get into that.)

This first week of 2018 hasn’t exactly been very welcoming, what with that bomb cyclone. Trendy storm names, though, so that’s cool!

But we’re past that now, y’all. We made it to the other side. It’s gonna be near 60 degress on Friday! Time to get out there and support your local artist community.

We have a ton of openings happening this week and this weekend, starting tonight, so bundle up and get amongst it!



January 8, 6-9pm

Precious Okoyomon and Hannah Black
at Real Fine Arts
184 Sterling Pl

Opening January 8th and on view through February 3rd, this collaboration between Precious Okoyomon and Hannah Black presents a process of digestion, shitting out, decaying and rebirthing, seeking human-like if not reliably human assistance through playful figuration: teddies, dolls, and creatures both cooked and raw.

I Need Help comprises a disintegrating iteration of Black’s recent solo show at the Chisenhale Gallery in London, Some Context, with works by Okoyomon made in response.

January 10, 6-8pm
John Newman: Between the Literal and the Nonsensical, Sculptures and Drawings, 1982-2017

Curated by Dan Nadel
at Safe Gallery
1004 Metropolitan Ave

Safe Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of sculptures and drawings by John Newman from the last 35 years. The seed of the exhibition is Newman’s completion of 65 drawings, for his 65 years, while in France in the summer of 2017. Newman thinks of, and titled, these drawings as Developing Old Negatives: Bringing extant images to life again. Some are drawings of existing sculptures from Newman’s 40-year career, some are speculative spaces, and others are ideas for future sculptures. Installed in the gallery’s front room, these drawings provide a roadmap to Newman’s ideas about space, structure and form.

January 10, 6-8pm
Brooklyn’s Sweet Ruin, Relics and Stories of the Domino Sugar Refinery

Paul Raphaelson, photography exhibition, artist talk and book signing
at Front Room Gallery
48 Hester St. (Manhattan)

Join for cocktails and a discussion with the artist Paul Raphaelson, and pick up a signed copy “Brooklyn’s Sweet Ruin, Relics and Stories of the Domino Sugar Refinery.”

January 12, 6-9pm

curated by Julie McKim
at SHIM Gallery
289 Meserole St.

SHIM is pleased to present the work of Annie Bartholomew, Onel Naar, Hyunjung Rhee and Chad Stayrook in Pioneer, an exhibition of the inaugural SHIM Studio Residency group, curated by Julie McKim.

January 12, 6-9pm
Movers and Shapers

Justine Hill & Ali Silverstein
at Victori + Mo
56 Bogart St

Movers and Shapers is a dual exhibition of new works from New York-based painter Justine Hill and her Los Angeles contemporary Ali Silverstein. The exhibition, which marks the debut of both artists with the gallery, opens on January 5th and will remain on view through February 18th.

January 13, 6-8pm
Jeff Schwarz: Cut Outs

at Owen James Gallery (Manhattan location)
59 Wooseter Street, 2nd floor

Owen James Gallery is pleased to present the maiden exhibition in our new Manhattan location: Jeff Schwarz – Cut Outs.

Jeff Schwarz primarily works with ceramics. However, his practice as an artist encompasses a broader sense of materials, of space and of influences. It is better, perhaps, to think of Schwarz as a painter who works with three dimensionality through ceramics.

Presented here are two of the artist’s recent series: Tiles and Stacks. Both series are grounded in Schwarz’s interest in the autonomous, stimulating marks and texts that are found in many urban environments, namely graffiti, and the many-layered, time-eroded visual detritus one encounters on storefront roll-covers, alley walls, and the occasional NYC bathroom wall.

January 13, 6-11pm
Some Unknown Consequences of Contact

at PPL / Panopply Space
104 Meserole St
Suggested Donation $5-20

6pm-8pm: “One One One” produced by Cie Ioannis Mandafounis, created by Ioannis Mandafounis, choreographed in real-time by Tilman O Donnell and Émilia Giudicelli

8pm-11pm: Máiréad Delaney, Jaguar Mary X, Daniella LaGaccia, “Affirmed”

At the site of disturbance, sudden encounter, transgression, wound, there is potential, potency and possibility as well as a rush to heal, hold, control, counteract. Broken ground is accessible to new roots, the seed turned over and exposed, the porosity, the break, the burn, encouraging new growth. Broken ground is also vulnerable to invasive species and erosion. Does trauma make us weaker or stronger? Is the danger worth it? Non-rhetorical courage to face the unknown and to keep reaching out, to keep making contact, drives performance…

Daniella LaGaccia is a Brooklyn-based journalist and artist who has contributed to Interview, Art in America, artnet News, and more. She is also the editor of the performance magazine, INCIDENT Magazine. This performance called Affirmed will look at how a transgender woman’s body fits within the context of female identity.

January 16, 6:30-8pm
Workspace Open House

at A/D/O
29 Norman Ave.

This Open House event at the A/D/O Workspace will include a tour of the facility, equipment demonstrations and a chance to meet with current members and view their work.

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