The Wild Honey Pie’s Dinners at Archestratus  All images: Ben Kaye/The Wild Honey Pie

Even in this day and age with Spotify and Soundcloud, even in a neighborhood like Greenpoint with its various venues and underground labels, it’s still hard to find new music that you like. What’s even harder is having an intimate experience with an up-and-coming artist without having to shell out serious cash. But Greenpoint’s own The Wild Honey Pie wants to change all that with their local dinner series.

First, The Wild Honey Pie is a local “collective of filmmakers, writers, designers, event producers and musicians curating great music.” Started by Westchester-native Eric Weiner and run out of a Brooklyn coworking space, the site hopes to help its visitors discover new music that wouldn’t find elsewhere. In addition to album reviews, buzz sessions, and columns, they hold events in an effort to bring together their music community. Their major one has been a late summer music camp in The Berkshires where guests have access to a variety of beloved summer camp activities plus musical performances from new artists, the ones you want to hear before they are cool. But they also hold smaller events around the city.

Wilsen performing at last month’s dinner

Over the past few months, The Wild Honey Pie has held a couple of small dinners at Archestratus (160 Huron St). For $40, 30 people get to have a full three-course dinner, decorated with flowers from Greenpoint Floral, with a band and afterward enjoy a private concert in the store. This month, the dinner is this Sunday, the 29th, and since it’s so close to Halloween, it’s also a costume party! Patrons will enjoy unlimited candy and booze alongside a very fall and pumpkin-themed dinner with the band Chimney. “Fronted by Lucius producer and drummer Dan Molad, the band makes simmering, confessional dream rock that will surely spice up the night,” according to the invite. And unlike most of The Wild Honey Pie’s events, this isn’t filmed. It’s just you and your new friends enjoying the show.

If you can’t make this weekend’s dinner, there will be a Friendsgiving one next month. After that, The Wild Honey Pie will be expanding the dinners to Le Fanfare in December and out to LA in January. But if you’re still in need of Halloween plans or just simply want a great Sunday night date, get your tickets and say you knew Chimney before they were cool.

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