Lots in the news about cars this week. Here’s a great one I saw on Calyer Street on Saturday! Photo by Lucie Levine

Peter Pan‘s donuts are beloved far and wide, but drivers at the intersection of Bedford and Lorimer were serving up donuts of a different kind on Friday night. After Brooklyn Automotive High School’s car show ended at 9pm, teens on bikes blocked the intersection, and at least three cars sped in circles, doing donuts, as hundreds looked on. CBS2 has a video of the scene.

If stunt driving isn’t your thing, or you’d like a swankier experience behind the wheel, get pumped. The car sharing company Car2Go will add Mercedes CLA sedans and GLA crossovers to its New York fleet later this year. You can rent the high-end wheels for 47 cents a minute. 

Does the prospect of cruising around in style make you want to have people in from out of town? You’re in luck. Assemblymen Joe Lentol plans on reintroducing a bill that might make it easier to rent your apartment to guests. He said last week the bill would help ease short-term rental restrictions, yet impose taxes and fees similar to what hotels charge. Despite the fees, the bill seems to be favorable to sharing economy businesses like Airbnb.

“Out of Towners?!?!” you say? Plenty of New Yorkers aren’t big fans of tourists, but apparently that’s not what irks this neighborhood most. Turns out, Greenpoint hates friendly reminder emails. This gem of intel comes from data collected by Hater, a dating app that matches people based on what they hate.

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