NYU is in the Pencil Factory, The BQX isn’t in the Budget, and NYC blames Airbnb for Rising Rent — the Hook-up (5/11)

Not Today, BQX

Happy Friday, Greenpoint! Say hello to our newest neighbor: NYU School of Medicine. NYU has signed a 15-year lease for nearly 17,000sqft of space at 74 Kent Street, and will open a physical therapy and imaging center.

While we will be getting NYU, we won’t be getting BQX. Mayor de Blasio did not include the project in his budget for the next fiscal year, and the city’s Economic Development Corporation also declined allocate funds for the Gentrification Express.

Speaking of big budget items, the former Greenpoint Mechanics and Traders Bank at 144 Franklin Street is on the market for $6.5 Million.

If that sounds steep, the city hopes you’ll blame Airbnb. A study from the city Comptroller finds that airbnb listings have driven rents in Greenpoint up about $100/month. The Comptroller also blames the company for rent increases and homelessness across the city, a very steep charge to level against New Yorkers who share their homes on the platform because rent is so high in the first place.  Continue reading

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Dangerous Donuts, Mercedes by the Minute, and Greenpoint’s Beef with Friendly Reminder Emails — The Hook-up (10/20)

Lots in the news about cars this week. Here's a great one I saw on Calyer Street on Wednesday! Photo by Lucie Levine
Lots in the news about cars this week. Here’s a great one I saw on Calyer Street on Saturday! Photo by Lucie Levine

Peter Pan‘s donuts are beloved far and wide, but drivers at the intersection of Bedford and Lorimer were serving up donuts of a different kind on Friday night. After Brooklyn Automotive High School’s car show ended at 9pm, teens on bikes blocked the intersection, and at least three cars sped in circles, doing donuts, as hundreds looked on. CBS2 has a video of the scene.

If stunt driving isn’t your thing, or you’d like a swankier experience behind the wheel, get pumped. The car sharing company Car2Go will add Mercedes CLA sedans and GLA crossovers to its New York fleet later this year. You can rent the high-end wheels for 47 cents a minute.  Continue reading

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Airbnb Hosts in Greenpoint Put Out of Business By New Law

Greenpoint as described by Airbnb.
Greenpoint as described by Airbnb: “Peace & Quiet, Artsy, Cultural Enclaves, Dining, Trendy, Loved by New Yorkers”.

Many local Greenpoint hosts who make ends meet by renting out their places using Airbnb are in for a rude awakening. On Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill to make it illegal to advertise entire unoccupied apartments for less than 30 days on Airbnb, according to multiple reports. New York housing law restricts short-term rentals for certain housing, and housing advocates in the city argue that many of the units listed on Airbnb are illegal. Although these hosts can already face steep fines, the new law would make it illegal for Airbnb to allow listings for these units on their platform. Continue reading

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The Hook-Up – Rat Mites / Get Rich on AirBnB / Greenpoint Landing Park / Trash? NIMBY!


• It’s as disgusting as it sounds… rat mites (NY Times)

• Do you think it’s total BS that North Brooklyn processes a huge amount of the city’s trash? New legislation might change that (NY Environmental Report)

• If you have a spare room, why not get rich with AirBnB like your fellow North Brooklynites? (DNAinfo)

• It may not protect us from crowded G trains, but Greenpoint Landing is bringing a park that promises to protect Greenpoint from storm surge with oyster beds and public access to the river edge (Daily News)

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Victory for Airbnb in NYC

You may remember the administrative ruling back in May that rendered Airbnb illegal in New York City–that ruling has just been reversed, making it A-OK to rent out your room online, provided your roommate is home.

The judge initially ruled that the apartment rental site violated New York’s illegal hotel law (a 2010 ban on New Yorkers renting apartments for less than 29 days). The case involved Nigel Warren, a New York host, and his landlord, who were both fined for renting out his room in a Times Square condo to a Russian tourist via the popular website. 

Airbnb provided a lawyer for Nigel and spent the last several months appealing the case. On September 27th, the New York City Environmental Control Board reversed Nigel’s fines, making the service legal once again.

Continue reading

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