NYC sunset from The Brooklyn Barge. Photo: Megan Penmann

What happened this week besides the weather being steamier than a dirty monkey’s crotch and more stifling than a sweat lodge? Here’s the rude, sad and the fugly.

A woman tried to eat a man’s arm at legendary Peter Luger Steakhouse (178 Broadway), and the incident was provoked by Venezuelan politics, and there’s a video.

A woman was punched in the face at Alligator Lounge, and it sounds like the 90th Precinct had a predictable reaction.

Third wave coffee, or zero wave? Mice and filth flies shut down Williamsburg’s Blue Bottle Coffee on North 5th Street.

The first death on the new Kosciuszko Bridge happened this week.


The founder of Crest Hardware, Manny Franquinha, passed away and Crest (558 Metropolitan Ave) is closed today in remembrance.

The Kosciuszko Bridge will not go out with the bang that area residents were anticipating.

North Brooklyn now gets its turn with the OY/YO sculpture, which will rest on the Williamsburg waterfront at North 6th Street.

The Giglio Feast happened this week, and it was as epic and Italian as always.

Riders on the L train got smoked out this week.

Girls actress Lena Dunham re-homed her disobedient dog Lamby, who she adopted a few years ago from local shelter BARC (86 N 1st St), sadly admitting he was too dysfunctional for her to keep. BARC’s management responded and disagreed with her assertion about the dog’s troubled past.

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