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Under the K Bridge Park Will Be Ready in Early July

“Under the K Bridge Park” is scheduled to open in early July. (Photo via Assemblyman Joe Lentol’s office)

The new park underneath the Kosciusko Bridge will be ready in July, Assembly Member Joe Lentol announced on Monday.

Under the K Bridge Park will open in an area of the city known for a major lack of green space and around the same time that New York City is poised enter Phase 3 in the reopening process following last winter’s cornonavirus shutdown.

(Photo via Assemblyman Joe Lentol’s office)

A design unveiling held in June 2019 presented the plans from Canadian landscape architecture firm Public Work. The firm also designed The Bentway, a similar park underneath Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway.

The nearly seven-acres of space is under the management of North Brooklyn Parks Alliance and is intended to bring public arts programming and recreation along the shore of Newtown Creek, which is a Superfund site with a long history of industrial pollution. Continue reading

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Alligator Lounge Assault, Filth Flies at Blue Bottle, OY/YO and The Giglio! –The Hook Up 7/14

Sunset from The Brooklyn Barge. Photo: Megan Penmann
NYC sunset from The Brooklyn Barge. Photo: Megan Penmann

What happened this week besides the weather being steamier than a dirty monkey’s crotch and more stifling than a sweat lodge? Here’s the rude, sad and the fugly.

A woman tried to eat a man’s arm at legendary Peter Luger Steakhouse (178 Broadway), and the incident was provoked by Venezuelan politics, and there’s a video.

A woman was punched in the face at Alligator Lounge, and it sounds like the 90th Precinct had a predictable reaction.

Third wave coffee, or zero wave? Mice and filth flies shut down Williamsburg’s Blue Bottle Coffee on North 5th Street.

The first death on the new Kosciuszko Bridge happened this week. Continue reading

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