On May 17th & 2st, Frankie Cosmos joined Real Estate for a shoegazey and magical set at Brooklyn Steel. With hints of vaporwave fun and twee, playful melodies, it was a sweet show to dance and nod yer head to. And, both shows sold out! I could see why – the set list was on fire with plush tones and great vibes.

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The band’s dreamlike quality is perfect for the new and cool venue, Brooklyn Steel (319 Frost St). The set felt low-key and intimate, which was perfect for their bright and vulnerable songs like “Fool” and “Sinister.”

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The band’s playing is filled with purpose, but there’s enough playfulness to leave room for sound and exploration. It’s beautiful, but like emotions, the sound is meant to be a mix of intense meets breezy tunes. I love the structure of Cosmos’s music – the songs are short but meaty and powerful. Much like our experiences passing in the night.

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