Noah Prebish at San Damiano Mission/Lot Radio, GOS 2017

Since the introduction of its first archetype, the modern “art gallery” continues to evolve into many different forms today—as artists can be found showcasing their work in more intimate settings outside the institutional format of endless rooms and luminous ceilings.

During Greenpoint Open Studios (June 3-4), one can easily come across several types of art in unusual places; like an ambient soundscape from The Lot Radio (17 Nassau Ave) at the San Damiano Mission, where you can expect to hear a range of midi sound loops through its historic 700-pipe organ. Since its opening a little over a year ago, The Lot Radio has held several events within the church to raise money towards the pipe organ’s renovation. The program during GOS will be performed by composer and DJ Noah Prebish, who plays in the band Psymon Spine when he’s not at The Lot.

“Throughout the day, we’ll have different sized loops playing that will work similarly to a Steve Reich tape loop, so no sound will repeat exactly the same,” explains Noah. “When you walk into the church, each loop is going to sound a bit different. This will kind of showcase the abilities of the organ, which can be played really fast or really slow, or with several different tempos at once.” Prebish will also be accompanied by local musicians like Bryan Ujueta of Mr. Twin Sister and others, who will improvise with instruments over the loops.

Be sure to catch Noah’s soundscape piece at the church (85 North 15th Street) and scope out some of the other types of unexpected art you can find in the neighborhood after the jump.

Guy Woodard, showing at the Greenpoint Reformed Church at GOS 2017

Artist Guy Woodard, recently released from incarceration will be sharing his drawings and reflections on social status and criminal justice reform at Greenpoint Reformed Church.


KIMCHEE MARKET | 191 Greenpoint Ave
(Curated by Tamara Rose) – Kimchee Market will be exhibiting artwork from mixed media artist Tamara Rose along with abstract painters Esther Zabronsky and Mariana Gavris. Pieces by Rose and Zabronsky will also be displayed at Java Studios (252 Java Street #223).

GAMBA FOREST | 231 Norman Ave #114
Chris Carr, Heather Keaton, Ryan Bock, and Nicole Salgar: two muralists, one painter, and a photographer. Works by four artists across the spectrum will be displayed at the multi-purpose art space and publishing house GAMBA Forest Gallery.

A series of paintings and drawings speaking to female protagonist figures will be on display at the Vietnamese-American restaurant and cafe, Nha Minh (485 Morgan Avenue). Selected by Matthew Lusk.

The future site of Ziemia, and Martynka Wawrzyniak’s talk about her sculpture in McGolrick Park from 3-4pm on Saturday & Sunday June 3 & 4th

ZIEMIA | McGolrick Park
Local Polish artist Martynka Wawrzyniak will be giving a talk on her sculpture and community-engaged public art project “Ziemia in the park. The talk will be held at 3pm on Saturday, June 3rd & Sunday, June 4th.

GO GREEN! ART IN ACTION | McCarren Park, Bedford & Lorimer
Greenpoint Open Studios has teamed up with Brooklyn’s 10th Go Green! Brooklyn Festival to showcase 5-10 artists in McCarren Park on Saturday, June 3rd. You can buy tickets for a day of outdoor art, dance, workshops, and market scouts.

Catch Drippy Eye Projections at Magick City during GOS

Chaz Lord of Human Head Records and Drippy Eye Projections—an analog light show project inspired by the historic Joshua Light Show of the ‘60’s—will be projecting live visuals and music at Greenpoint’s event venue and kitchen incubator Magick City.

Kate McQuillen: “Recent artwork has been focused on transforming architectural forms. In these large-scale works, I apply imagery to the exteriors and interiors of buildings. I use visuals that refer to things which are faraway and untouchable, like skies, stars, and fire. The new structures speak about the unknown and wonder, and merge the familiar with the inaccessible.”

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