This year’s Greenpoint Open Studios is happening June 3-4, 2017, with a launch party on June 2nd at Java Studios (252 Java St).

Here’s just a few of the hundreds of artists participating in our latest “Artists to Watch!” installment.

Be sure to check out the roster of exhibiting artists as well as the calendar of events!

See you June 3-4 for GOS 2017!


Laura Bandel, Ceramics/Pottery
1205 Manhattan Avenue Suite 241

I work in porcelain and stoneware, focusing on organic forms and colors that reflect the natural world.

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Tech-Art: Soul For Technologyª, Technology

Leon Reid IV, Sculpture
95 Commercial Street

Tech-Art: Soul for Technology is the current body of work by American artist Leon Reid IV (b. 1979). Existing across a broad scope of media from painting, drawing, and sculpture and organized into “Collections” such as 3D Print Portrait, Pixel Composition, Load Paintings, this new oeuvre is a colorful interpretation of the look and feel of the information age.

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Mark Kleback, Electronic
67 West Street
Suite 506

Kleebtronics features the work by creative technologist Mark Kleback, featuring LED installations, robotic arms, and electronic sound art.

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