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This month, Mercury retrograde ends (finally!) and we get a Scorpio full moon, which means we are alive and energized–especially with our emotions. This month is all about change and listening to your body, so you know, be prepared. Change, even positive, can be hard to deal with.

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Since the Sun is in Taurus, which is your house until May 20, it’s time to put yourself first and focus on what you want. Don’t feel selfish or self-centered for doing this, because if you don’t, who else will?


Suggestion: Check out DJ BARBA YIORGI for Afro-Balkan Psychedelic Groove and World Music Soul Rarities on May 26 at Troost (1011 Manhattan Ave).


The Sun is in Taurus, your twelfth house, until May 20–which means it’s time to relax and participate in a little self-care. Be kind to yourself, you don’t want to overtax your mind, body, or spirit.

Suggestion: Check out The Damned after show party at St. Vitus on May 5 (1120 Manhattan Ave).


This month is all about building a community and network online. Since the Sun is moving through Taurus, your eleventh house of teamwork until May 20, you’ll going to be focused on how to find your niche. It’ll be a busy time for you at work and personally, since you know, finding your voice is no easy task. It’s a good time to network and reach out to friends and build a new venture online.

Suggestion: Get a gin & tonic and catch up with a friend at St. Vitus (1120 Manhattan Ave).


Your tenth house of successes is highlighted this month as the Sun travels through Taurus until the 20th. Because of this, you’ll be focused on how to get your name out there. Don’t be shy.

Suggestion: Find an old record at The Thing and jam in your apartment (1001 Manhattan Ave).


As the Sun is travels through Taurus, your ninth house until May 20, you will be focused on how to reach more people, especially if you are a creative type. How can you learn more and deepen you relationships with others?

Suggestion: Get some delicious nachos at Calexico (645 Manhattan Ave).


This month is all about intimacy, considering the Sun is flying through Taurus, your eighth house of intimacy until May 20. This means you just want to be around those closest to you, who you don’t have to pretend around. It’s OK not to be a social butterfly this month. It may also be a good time to step back from social media a bit.

Suggestion: Revamp your wardrobe at Line & Label (568 Manhattan Ave).


This month is all about your close friendships. Until May 20, the Sun is moving through Taurus, which is your seventh house of relationships. How could you balance seeing all your close friends? Could you be doing things differently?

Suggestion: Window shop with a friend (and maybe treat yourself) at Wolves Within (174 Franklin St).


As the Sun is waltzing through your sixth house of organization until May 20, this month is all about restructuring your life to be better for you. It’s OK to be honest with yourself and realize what friendships, side gigs, and habits aren’t working for you.

Suggestion: Get a vanilla latte at Upright Coffee (860 Manhattan Ave) and take a walk around the neighborhood.


Since the Sun is moving through Taurus, your fifth house of passion, it’s time to focus on your creative endeavors–and also just live your life. Go on a cruise, be spontaneous.

Suggestion: Read a book in McGolrick Park (Russell St., Monitor St. bet. Nassau Ave. and Driggs Ave). 

Since the Sun is in Taurus, your domestic fourth house, until the 20th, it’s time to cook a lot, chill, and watch Netflix at home. Recharge your body. Invite friends over for small parties.

Suggestion: Take a stroll through McCarren Park (N. 12 St., Lorimer St., Manhattan Ave. bet. Bayard St. and Berry St) with a friend.


Since the Sun is moving through Taurus, your communication third house until May 20, it’s time to hang out with friends and open up. Don’t turn down social invites, you won’t regret it.

Suggestion: Peruse the book shelves at WORD Brooklyn (126 Franklin Street).


Since the Sun is going through Taurus, which is your second house of work/$$ until May 20, you’ll be focused on how to save, make more, and better your relationships with your coworkers. Don’t overwhelm yourself though–even though you want to find your niche at work, you need to balance without feeling crazed.

Suggestion: Try a Little Bat cocktail at Troost (1011 Manhattan Ave).

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