A/D/O (29 Norman Ave.) – nARCHITECTS

Step inside the futuristic, BMW-0wned co-working space A/D/O that is slated to open in Jan. 2017. The 23,000 square-foot facility will have a Scandinavian-style restaurant, retail space and a public seating area; a membership will cost you $600/month.

The Bowery Presents newest venue is Brooklyn Steel, a 1,800 person capacity general admission concert venue near the intersection of Frost St, and Debevoise Ave., is set to open early next year with performances by the Pixies and PJ Harvey, amongst others.

NYC-based band Loose Buttons released “Milk & Roses,”a song inspired by lead singer Eric Nizgretsky’s breakup following a meal at the Manhattan Ave. restaurant.The Greenpoint YMCA celebrated its 110th anniversary this week with an award ceremony recognizing dedicated community servants.

The Brooklyn Bazaar is hosting a “Mean Girls” talent show on Dec. 14, complete with a makeover to resemble the high school auditorium in the 2004 film.

Roberta’s Pizza is the latest victim of conspiracy-laden fake news, after employees received death threats.


A 59-year-old construction worker fell six-stories to his death while working at the Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment site.


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