Whether you’re broke as a joke after a Black Friday spending spree, or you want to find a bottle that says “I’m classy” to bring to a holiday party, here’s where you can sip wine or booze for free, and try before you buy.

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Dandelion Wines | 153 Franklin Street
Their wine tastings are every Thursday evening from 6:30–8:30pm featuring food from She Wolf Bakery and Eastern District.
“We generally pour 3-4 wines, and have a knowledgeable wine consultant or sometimes a producer here to talk about the wines each week. We get an assortment of bread from She Wolf Bakery, and Eastern District selects 3 or more cheeses on for us each week to go with the wines we are featuring! Tastings are free and open to the public.”

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Grapepoint Wines | 155 Norman Ave.
Tastings every Friday from 6pm–830pm.

Bibber & Bell | 418 Union Avenue
Wine tastings with snacks every Friday from 6-8pm.

Vine Wine | 616 Lorimer Street
Tastings happen every Wednesday from 6:30–8:30pm, with occasional random tastings on other days.

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Duke’s Liquor Box | 170 Franklin Street
Duke’s has regular tastings on different days, with always varying and always interesting types of booze—anything from artisanal mezcal to barrel proof rye to natural absinthe. Sign up for their email list to find out when they’re happening!

The Bottle Shoppe | 353 Graham Ave.
Tastings every Friday, 6–8pm

Blue Angel | 638 Grand Street
Tastings weekly; email for times and days. Next tasting is happening December 4th, 5pm-8pm with local winemakers Red Hook Wines!

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