Greenpoint currently has four tattoo shops, each with their own vibe, style, and specialties. Whether you’re a tattoo collector, planning a custom piece, or just seeking a small meaningful mark on your skin, finding the right match is never as easy at it seems.

The best way to check places out is to go by and look through the artists’ books found on the front counter of most shops. After you’ve looked at designs, notice the quality of lines in various artist’s work and the way tattoos are placed on people’s bodies. Greenpoint’s tattoo shops are so close you can check them all out in one afternoon.

First Stop: Three Kings Tattoo

Three Kings Tattoo – Photo © T. Joseph

Three Kings Tattoo (572 Manhattan Ave.) was started in 2008 by Matthew “Matty No Times” Marcus and Alex McWatt. The two have gathered an all-star group of tattoo artists, each with talent and experience to spare, to establish Three Kings as a power shop.

Via Instagram, tattoo by Adam Machin @threekingstattoo

The shop is user friendly and high-end, with the widest range of services in Greenpoint. They are the only shop that offers event tattooing, which is exactly what it sounds like. Matty has brought tattoos to both company and private events such as birthday parties and weddings, and has it down to a science. The shop also offers eyebrow tattooing and tattoo removal, but the real excitement is in the work of the tattoo artists.

Via Instagram, tattoo by Gustavo Rizerio @threekingstattoo

@ThreeKingsTattoo you can truly find any kind of tattoo you may want – from the edgy new geometric styles to American (new and traditional), Japanese, and Black & Grey. The “Tattoo Etiquette” page on their website is a must-read for anyone getting tattooed for the first time. If you don’t want to do a lot of research this is the place to go, then again if you do a ton of research you may also end up here because of the quality and breadth of styles offered by the nearly 20 artists that work here.

Via Instagram, tattoo by Davee Blows @threekingstattoo

Every artist at Three Kings has done time at other well-respected tattoo shops, notably JK5 and Nik Quintana who both have worked at East River Tattoo, the next spot on our list.

Via Instagram, tattoo by Amanda Rodriguez @threekingstattoo

Three Kings Tattoo | 572 Manhattan Ave. | 12-10pm, open every day

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