A previous show at San Damiano Mission. Photo via The Lot Radio

If you’ve grabbed a coffee at The Lot Radio (17 Nassau Avenue), or have ever wandered the streets behind the High School next to McCarren Park, you may have seen the Franciscan church San Damiano Mission (85 N 15th Street). If you didn’t, then you should take note. The church and local independent streaming DJ radio station The Lot Radio have been teaming up to put on benefit shows inside the church, with viewers in the pews and musicians at the pulpit. Praise. All performances are free with a suggested donation (usually $10), and always feature an interesting musical artist or three; a few months back, I attended a show with an experimental French electronic DJ who played objects as instruments.

Friars manning the bar at San Damiano Mission. Photo via The Lot Radio

So, it’s a church—but there’s beer, wine and a full liquor bar for donation—and the super cool friars Nick and Raphael are serving up the drinks. Seriously, they’re the most awesome bartenders you’ll ever meet, and will gladly give you a hug if you smile and even just slightly befriend them. Hugs are great! And the venue is truly beautiful. All of the money raised benefits the church and the repair of their massive pipe organ (we will cover that in a future feature story), which was originally installed in 1912.

A previous show at the Mission.

Tonight’s show features: Matthew Patterson Curry aka Safety Scissors, who makes eccentric and experimental electronic dance and pop music; Borne (Scott Vizioli), a Jersey City-based DJ and producer with techno, house and dub influences; and Birds of Prey (KathexisFurther Records) “an ever-evolving process of chaos, immediacy and necessity”, a collaboration of live electronics by Grant Aaron, Eric Holmes, Camille Altay, and Clay Wilson. With visual accompaniment by Candace Price.

Go check it out if you want to impress your Tinder date. And don’t get freaked out that it’s in a church, seriously it’s just a concert. Totally secular, man.

San Damiano Mission | 85 N 15th Street
Suggested donation at the door: 10$ (cash/credit)
Door/bar: 8pm | Show: 8:30pm
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