Greenpoint has some options for vegetarian food (Acai Berry, Jungle Cafe among others), but few options for Indian cuisine. Bhanumati is a new Gujarati Indian-influenced pop-up restaurant and culinary journey with a mission to highlight the breadth and creativity available in modern vegetarian cooking, hosted at foodie bookstore and cafe Archestratus (160 Huron Street). The menu will be inspired a state in India—Gujarat—that has been predominately vegetarian for centuries and was home to my ancestors. The first edition will happen on Sunday, August 21 at 1pm.The goal of Bhanumati is to introduce new varieties of cuisine, demonstrate cultural and culinary adventures in celebrating heritage while integrating the evolution sparked by immigration and an accompanying search for meaning. In short: Bhanumati is a culinary journey demonstrating the discovery and path of creating identity.


For the first event I will be sharing the kitchen with my mother. Each dish represents a collaboration and a passing on and sharing of knowledge which was previously taught to her by her mother, Bhanumati.

This event is dedicated to my mother, grandmother and the countless number of Gujarati women in India and in the diaspora who have demonstrated their hearts, sacrifices, abilities and spirits through cuisine along the ongoing path towards international women’s equality.

All proceeds, as a form of Prasad, will be donated to Anandi-India, whose mission is to bring rural Gujarati women’s concerns to the attention of developmental processes in order to create a more equitable society.

A special thanks to Paige, Gabi, Merit and everyone at Archestratus. Paige and her team have been like a second home and inspirational space in Greenpoint—for that reason we are especially excited to begin this journey together with them.


Tickets here, and more info can be found here.

For questions regarding dietary needs, concepts, inquiries, or the abstract thing known as the future of Bhanumati, feel free to contact Ankur at

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