“#MSG3” by Hildos, 2015.

Greenpoint artist Hildos is definitely not afraid to put it all out there. Her bold and erotic female forms command respect, and look totally comfortable in their own skin. In almost every painting, the viewer gets a candid peek behind the boudoir curtain, where Hildos showcases her own personal brand of body positivity (and sometimes, her own body).

“We live in an era where people are seeking perfection, especially aesthetically. You see it everywhere: media, schools, young and old, men and women… All our energy and time are focused on the outside, leaving the inside empty and shallow. But does perfection truly exist or is it relative to the eye of the beholder?” reads her artist statement.

Matisse or Toulouse-Lautrec are clear influences—and it’s those loose, chalky qualities that shine an intimate spotlight onto her subjects. It’s as if you’re in a quiet room alone with her and whoever else she may have invited in.

“Hamra & Mishka” by Hildos, 2012.

Sometimes there’s more than a simple solo female figure portrayed in her mixed media oeuvre: for instance, in the background you might see hand painted typography, glitter, or Picasso-inspired abstractions. And in the case of “Hamra & Mishka” (2012), a chubby white cat and a gelatinous woman are fraternal bodies melting together. The feline stares in judgement at the viewer, while the lavender booty short-wearing lady reclines with a slightly bored, DGAF gaze.

But clearly Hildos does give a fuck. She has a bold and inspiring message to send, whether or not people ask for it: “My works address sexuality and our relationship with our bodies in our society. Unfortunately, instead of embracing these issues, they are viewed as taboos. These erroneous and hypocritical notions lead us to have double standards in our society among many other issues. It’s the goal of my work to be daring and to show beauty in imperfection with a dash of humor. I believe every work should have significance but we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, and enjoy the expedition.”

“Strip For Jackie” by Hildos, 2014.
“Mrs. X.Z.” by Hildos, 2012.

You can catch more of Hildos’ work at Eckford Street Studio during Greenpoint Open Studios April 29-May 1.

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