Spring is a time of renewal. All the little lambs are born in the field >mmmm Easter dinner<. Tulips sprout along the paths in McGolrick. And most importantly, all the good TV shows, like Better Call Saul and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, start up again.

Yes, yes, this is a music post, fine, so for that, I’m also excited about the new places to hear music that have cropped up recently in North Brooklyn.

Weekend Music recommends today the best bets at some of the rookie spots.

At National Sawdust this Saturday night (3/26), classical pianist and composer Michael Mizrahi will premiere his latest album.

It used to be for classical, you’d have to get duded up and haul into the city, now you can just stroll over to Wythe Avenue. Nice. Here’s a trippy music video he put up on YouTube for one of his compositions:


Now that you’ve been all high-minded and classy on a Saturday night, after the Mizrahi head over to Aviv for Fucking InvincibleCongenital DeathHardware, and opening act Death Vacation

Don’t you just love bands that you don’t have to explain what they sound like, because you know just from the name? Just in case you’re still confused, here is the lovely I Hate Myself and Want You to Die.

Sunday is a bit of a dead day due to the Easter holiday, but Friday night (3/25) has Girlpool at the Market Hotel. Even though the show is sold out, check Craigslist for tickets because it’s supposed to rain that day and people are total WIMPS.

I’ll end here with a music video by them as a consolation prize in case you can’t get in.


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