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Well, the 14th certainly snuck up on us. If you’re stumped for date night ideas with your sweetheart, or your best partner in crime, here are six ideas to rock on the 14th or all weekend long.
Of course, these outfits are all for inspiration and I find the best outfits come from searching our neighborhood’s vintage shops and small boutiques. Also, many of the shoes and beauty products can be found in similar stores in our neighborhood!

1. Binge watch and wine it up at home. 

Catbird earrings; Madeleine Thompson beanie; Catbird lip balm; Zoe Karssen sweats & sweatshirt; Bittersweets ring.

Chill out this weekend with some solid movies and tv shows. Bring your better half a great bottle of Lambrusco from Dandelion Wine and maybe a sweet gift or two. End the night with the best two person dance party with vinyls from Academy Records.

2. Make your love breakfast in bed and then embark on weekend relaxation.

gp #2

Bonadrag bra & undies; In God We Trust necklace; Wildfox sleep shirt; Catbird candle; Chakra roller ball perfume.

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed with Acme fish and bagels? Then, relax and see where the day takes you. You can also give your S.O. the ultimate relaxation package with a day at Kennaland, The Karcher, and Primp & Polish. Wrap up the lovefest day with yoga at New Love City or Usha Veda. Or, try another date idea from this list!

3. Go for a romantic meal at Cassette and warm up at Achilles Heel.

gp #3
Reformation dress; Line & Label  cuff & rings; Nina Z clogs; Catbird lipstick; Bonadrag perfume.

For those who love a dinner date night, cozy up in the corner at Cassette (or Esme’s great space) and then get warm by the fireplace at Achilles Heel. Or, test out a craft cocktail at Ramona. Anything with sage is the tops. Spice up your date night look with a berry stain or creamy lipsticks via Clarins Joli Rouge.

4.  Get cute and share plates at Glasserie or Alameda.

Untitled designIf you love to share plates, head on over to a restaurant with lots to choose from. Besides, why not have it all? Go out dancing after at The Good Room or take it slow at Fanfare for some live music. Nothing says romance like a sweet heart ring or arrows for a lil somethin’.

5. Make dinner at home and then slay it at Kill ‘Em All Karaoke.

gp #5

Blnk vegan leather pants; E.L.F. lipstick; Midnight Rider tee; Pas Mal ear cuff & ring; Dolce Vita booties.

Spend some quality time together listening to records and making a gourmet meal together. Then, go on an own the night with some Saturday Kill ‘Em Karaoke  and picklebacks at St. Vitus. Get a duo (or group) dance party going on the 14th with a killer dj set Sunday night at the Tender Trap.

6. Dance away with your Galentine.

gp #6
In God We Trust Best Friend necklace, sunnies, & flask; Vera Meat screw rings; Cheap Monday jeans; Essie nail polish in Aruba, Midnight Rider thermal.

It’s time to celebrate friendship and love with your tried and true bestie. Take a class together at Brooklyn Craft and make something darling. Or, relax and tone with a Zalla pilates class. Vintage shop and get your tarot cards read at Mind/Matter’s Saturday Galentine bash and then break out for dinner and drinks at nightfall. Either way, spend the night celebrating your ‘ship and dance, sing, and grab a cocktail or two.

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