Lily Virginia; black velvet


I’d like to make you feel something and maybe one day you’ll sing a song of mine a little too loudly walking down the street. 

That’s what we’d all want out of life, right? Or at least out of a recent crush.

I grabbed that from Lily Virginia’s Bandcamp page. She plays the Brooklyn Convergence at Muchmore’s on Friday.

Details, and dirty music from Mexico plus Mardi Gras magic below.


Lily Virginia’s set at Muchmore’s begins at 9 pm, as part of the Brooklyn Convergence. For this international mash-up she will be joined by Jacinta & Alessio (Argentina), Rina (India), and the Luis D’Elias Ensemble  (Venezuela).

Next up on Friday night, head over to Pete’s Candy Store to catch Carl Banks’ 11 pm set. He’s classic New Orleans riff raff.

DJ Jeremy Bass’ SoundCloud profile lists his sound as “Dirty Music” and his home base as “Tabasco, Mexico.”

That’s enough to get me back to Pete’s Candy right there. He spins Sunday at 10 pm. Time to fist pump like Pacha never closed! Ha ha we’ll see how his big house sound translates in Pete’s studio-size back room. Bring your friends so you can dance like a transgression.

Pete’s also has a promising Saturday night, with Seldomo and Guiding Light appearing. Guiding starts things out at 5 PM, and Seldomo is up at 9.

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