Certain peril awaits. Photo: Google Maps

Because we’re all natural skeptics, we’ll maintain the premise that no meek shall cross the pedestrian thoroughfare at Meeker Avenue. Then again, things in that area might get a little friendlier in 2016.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) will be making a few important new safety proposals to improve conditions at the pedestrian crossing, which include shorter crosswalks, wider sidewalks, improved signal timing, and clear lane designations.

The proposals are a response to a letter that Assemblyman Joseph Lentol sent back in May, which requested a pedestrian crossing at Meeker and Skillman.

“I have received countless complaints from constituents over the years about the unsafe nature of Meeker Avenue,” said Lentol in a statement. “Many people treat it like the BQE, which is right above. I have witnessed people going at least 50 miles per hour up and down Meeker Avenue. It is time we see safety improvements along this roadway to slow drivers down, and ultimately, save lives.”

Lentol is hardly the only voice in the campaign to make Meeker Avenue more hospitable to walkers and bikers. Local activist group Transportation Alternatives is behind the Make Meeker Move petition, which calls for a redesign of Meeker Avenue with pedestrian wayfinding, enhanced lighting beneath the BQE, protected bike lanes and more.


“Along with McGuinness Boulevard, Meeker Avenue is one of the most dangerous streets in my district,” added Lentol. “It has unsafe sightlines, a limited number of crosswalks, and several unusual intersections, which really make it a recipe for disaster. I look forward to DOT’s proposals to improve pedestrian, motorist and cyclist safety on this roadway.”

The plan, which was created by DOT’s Pedestrian Projects Group, is tentatively scheduled to be presented before Community Board 1 on January 12.

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  1. This is good news. My daughter was the victim of a hit and run driver in September 2014 at this intersection. It’s been 15 months of healing from a severe traumatic brain injury. She had just moved to the neighborhood less than a month earlier and was obviously unaware of how dangerous her route home would be…

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