What do you get when you combine cardio dance, ballet, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, and meditation into one? Yoga Booty Ballet. And there is going to be a FREE hour of it at Human@Ease tonight from 7-8PM.

The meditation element serves to focus and awaken. The dance portion promotes endurance and detoxification. The ballet section increases strength and bone density. The yoga promotes flexibility, balance, and inner wellness. Students consistently complete class feeling better about themselves than when they arrive. Classes are easy to follow, which allows for feeling more fun than fitness. Don’t forget your water bottle, Kristen’s class is high energy, and sweaty!

Kristen has been teaching Yoga Booty Ballet in Los Angeles since 2007. Her interest in fostering many aspects of well-being within the context of this spirited class, has inspired her to teach, grow, and evolve Yoga Booty Ballet into a community of empowered women and men.


Learn more about Kristen and Yoga Booty Ballet by watching her video on www.feelsprettyawesome.com

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