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I was not sure whether to be excited or afraid about meeting the bands playing our upcoming showcase at Bar Matchless.

At the last Greenpointers showcase, I got pressed up against a sweaty man in polyester shorty-shorts, and calf-length socks, who was sporting an alto saxophone. It was in a narrow hallway.

His band had just finished playing a set where the lead singer repeatedly expressed his love for weed and Taylor Swift.

My interview with the bands below might operate as an advance warning of what to expect Friday night, or enticement to attend. Ideally, it is both.



What shows do you plan to catch at CMJ?

Holy Tunics cover art

Holy Tunics:

Hope to catch Gingerlys, Pill, Surfbort, and Haybaby. Dirty Dishes also rocks.


We’ll definitely be at the shows we’re playing. A bunch of buddies are at Good Room on Wednesday. There’s a cool show at the Car Wash. Gotta see Nico Yaryan. And ‘Graceland’ at Elvis. Otherwise, we’ll probably walk around and hope we get lucky enough to walk in on something worth sticking around for.


We also fully intend to be at our own shows. This band I heard on the radio called “EMEFE” is playing before Spritzer on Saturday. I thought they were super famous cuz I could Shazam the tune that I heard on the radio.


What recent releases do you like?


Lou’s Favorites: Mystery Lights’ “Too Many Girls” 7-inch. With the Internet, everything you haven’t listened to previously is subjectively new, and I’m late on the scene, but I’ve been listening to the Nerves and Modern Lovers the past couple days.

Ben’s Favorites: I like Ought, and Salad Boys. “How Do You Do It,” by Empress Of, oh man that’s good. John Scofield just put out a cool new session. We released our 2nd EP last week, I’m pretty fond of that as well.


MIITSKI, “Bury Me at Makeout Creek” is the only important music that’s been released recently. I’m really into this Haim album called “Days Are Gone”. I know it was released in 2013 but was new to me as of a couple months ago.

And lemme tell Ya the worst release of 2015 has been that a*hole Ryan Adams’ covers of Taylor Swift’s masterpiece, “1989.”

[Editor’s note: Oh hell, I think this might be the band with the shorty-shorts guy that I mentioned played at our previous showcase. Well, they do put on a great show].

Holy Tunics:

I love Juan Wauters “Who Me?”, I play it all the time. Also Slonk Donkerson rocks, as does their new record.


What are some favorite Greenpoint places (bars, clubs, stores, outdoors spaces, etc.)?

Holy Tunics:

Torst is a favorite spot of mine for great beer, and that spot Kubu’s where you can still develop film.


Lou: I live in Greenpoint and almost every time I leave my apartment, I end up on Franklin Ave.. I went broke over a succession of lavish outdoor lunches at Jimmy’s Diner this summer. Like, really lavish.

The Winstons playing live

I get all my harmonicas and guitar accessories from Pentatonic Guitars. Academy Records has great used soul, gospel, and country sections.

The east side of the street gets great sun in the afternoon coming over the East River. Also, our rehearsal space is right off Franklin.

Otherwise, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. and Steve’s butcher shop. And Tender Trap on the way in and out of Commuter’s Park, late late at night.

Ben: I come north for practice, gigs, and Luke’s place. I love the clock-tower that’s never right and sitting on those big church steps on Manhattan Ave.. RIP Carmine’s Original Pizza. The basketball court on the water off Dupont Street has the best views.

Where else . . . My girlfriend’s old apartment on Norman. The dudes at The Gutter who helped us get on our feet, booking us for some of our first shows.

Spritzer, Holy Tunics, and Winstons join Tall Juan and Ben Katzman’s Degreaser at Bar Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave.) on Friday, October 16th. Tickets are $7 and the first set starts at 8. RSVP

Here’s a preview of the line-up.

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