An Interview with Bands Playing Our CMJ Showcase Friday (10/16)

The Winstons

I was not sure whether to be excited or afraid about meeting the bands playing our upcoming showcase at Bar Matchless.

At the last Greenpointers showcase, I got pressed up against a sweaty man in polyester shorty-shorts, and calf-length socks, who was sporting an alto saxophone. It was in a narrow hallway.

His band had just finished playing a set where the lead singer repeatedly expressed his love for weed and Taylor Swift.

My interview with the bands below might operate as an advance warning of what to expect Friday night, or enticement to attend. Ideally, it is both. Continue reading

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Analog Solutions to Your Film Developing Condondrum

Enla's Storefront © Gina Pollack

If you’ve been mourning the closing of Enla photo, the little storefront on Manhattan known for it’s collection of Hello Kitty merch and wide range of photo processing services, rejoice! Film developing still happens in Brooklyn, and now there’s an alternative right here in Greenpoint.

As you may have already heard, a new stationery and photo-developing center, P&P Shipping & Stationers, just opened up on Manhattan avenue. Enla photo was inexpensive, especially compared to Manhattan labs, and offered film processing services that are getting harder to come by these days, such as black and white and medium format. They also had a deep understanding of cross-processing film Continue reading

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