The tragedies faced by Syrians now turned refugees is undeniable as many families have fled their homeland going anywhere that would accept them openly. As more and more families are displaced, it is nice to know that organizations, such as Punk Rope Games, are making an effort to provide emergency medical services for Syrian refugees. In the past, Punk Rope Games have been distinguished by hilarious costumes, wacky fitness challenges, rope jumping, and good sportsmanship. They are a celebration of play, fitness, and community and are a welcome departure in substance and style from most fitness competitions.

This year, they are combining what they are known for with a humanitarian cause.

Punk Rope’s founder, Tim Haft, has decided to donate 100% of the profits from the event’s registration fees and merch sales to the valiant efforts of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to provide humanitarian aid to the Syrian refugees. The 7th Annual Punk Rope Games will take place on Sat, Sept 26 from 11:30am-2pm at Newtown Barge Playground.

Subtitling the Games as the “Skip for Syria’s Children” Haft hopes the event will not only provide the IRC with some much needed financial support, but will also raise awareness of the crisis in the eyes of the competitors and spectators. “While we may not all have the ability to host a fleeing family, we can still do something constructive and positive to help the refugees.”

The event has capacity for 16 teams of four and 11 teams have already registered. Sign-up your team now! Shirts, jump ropes, DVDs, and pins will be sold at the event’s after party at the Diamond Bar (43 Franklin Street). The public is invited so bring your friends, and enjoy your day by having fun while making a difference.


DATE: Saturday, September 26
TIME: 11:30am-2pm
LOCATION: Newtown Barge Playground
SUGGESTED DONATION: $40 per person for competitors and $10 per person for spectators

For more information email Tim Haft at

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