A juicy Jimmy’s Burger to ease your drunk stomach

This week, we’re introducing you to a new food series called Drunkpointers, which highlights the after-ten p.m. eats you can get in Greenpoint when you’re drunk and hungry. First stop: Jimmy’s Diner

The thing is, you think you want pizza when you’re drunk, right? And you do. But give your drunk stomach a little variety sometimes. A sandwich will help soak up the (admittedly delicious and seemingly innocuous) lethal tequila-watermelon punch you just gulped down at Broken Land.  And maybe what you really need is some protein so you don’t pass out (at least, for an hour).

Inside Jimmy’s

On a recent night after a friend’s birthday at Diamond Bar, we visited Jimmy’s Diner on Calyer. There’s something so inviting about Jimmy’s interior, and they’re just so damn nice there. On a recent evening, we stopped in and two of the nice folks who work there joked around with us and readily answered our special diet questions. Plus, the owners are really from the South, unlike ahem … most other “comfort food” restos in NYC. They serve food until midnight, so get it to go and take it with you to Diamond or whatever bar you’re heading to.

Chuck, one of the owners, is from Tennessee, and is rightfully proud of the menu and relaxed atmosphere at Jimmy’s Greenpoint.

“We’ve carved out a niche of a nice price point for late night food and a nice style of food that will soak the alcohol up a little bit,” he said. “We’re all about comfort and being casual — the sort of place you’d see in the middle of the country.”

Catfish Sandwich

The Drunkpointers test crew (myself and two friends) had the Fish Sandwich, a satisfying white bun snuggled around cornmeal fried catfish slathered with cajun mayo and topped with pickled green tomato. It was what the hangover doctor ordered. Tart, fried, fatty and a tad spicy but not too much.

Vegetarians can get the Veggie Burger, the Green Tomato Melt or the Fried Okra Po’boy. The po’boy features fried okra, arugula, pickled red onion, and whipped goat cheese, and the green tomato melt is a cornmeal fried tomato, pimento cheese, and apricot chutney. Damn. I want another one just talking about it. I mean, look at this photo. When do green tomato, English muffin and cheese NOT go together?

Veggie Burger

The cheese on the Green Tomato Melt is pimento cheese, which is beloved across the South, and there are other classic Southern items on the menu as well.

“We try to go with a more Southern menu here than at our Williamsburg spot, so we put pimento cheese on a lot of things,” Chuck said. “One of my favorite things ever is when people who come in want to know what grits are. I say, ‘I’d love for you to try it because I know you’re going to love it.’ I’m here every day and I’m pretty picky about stuff like getting the baked beans right.”

You dirty carnivores can stick to a regular burger, and wipe the incriminating grease off your chin before you go meet your vegetarian hookup.

“The food travels also well, so order delivery or come on in,” Chuck said. “If we see a market for staying open later, until one or two a.m., then we’ll do that.”

Here’s  Jimmy’s Diner’s menu. And if you happen to be drunk at home, you can order delivery until 11:00 p.m. every day at (347) 889-6323.

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