Dancing under the Wlliamsburg Bridge
Dancing under the Wlliamsburg Bridge

Dancing is an amazing way to start the day, isn’t it?

Last Saturday, while most people were sleeping in, BRUNCH Ravers at Morning Gloryville‘s party were doing yoga, dancing, jumping in flying rose petals, getting massages, playing in a kiddie pool, or meeting new friends. It was kind of surreal when it all ended at 2pm, and people were heading home after an awesome morning out, when many people hadn’t even left their homes (or beds) yet.

Morning Gloryville parties typically take place on a monthly basis, with yoga starting at 6am and dancing starting at 7am. They end around 9am, so people can quickly change out of their neon dancing clothes and into their work attire before heading off to their jobs. The parties are a healthy, fun, and (sober) way to start your day and is a great alternative to a boring workout. Coffee becomes less of a necessity when awesome DJs spin mind-blowing tunes that get you dancing like crazy.

Saturday’s “BrunchRave” was not the usual Morning Gloryville early morning dance jaunt. You could sleep in a little and wake up to a full spectrum of activities. It reminded me of Burning Man, mainly because of the combination of what this event had: a little of everything, and lots of community. People wanted to talk, dance, share, and engage.

Massage Station at Morning Gloryville’s BRUNCHRave

The party began with yoga taught by Laughing Lotus’s founder Dana Trixie Flynn. Everyone was laughing as we did yoga on the lawn. Dana’s calming voice and the assistance of the other yogis made it wonderful, but there were some slight challenges. Like falling over in the uneven surface of the grass, or when someone was only wearing a kilt (only a kilt – nothing else) and didn’t want to do a headstand out of respect for the others. It was absolutely fun (and funny).

After yoga, Tasha Blank DJed an amazing set. We danced under the shadow of the Domino Sugar Factory, barefoot on the soft grass of North Brooklyn Farms. After Tasha, NSR ( The Deep ) b2b Housing Corp was up. Jourdan Urbach played along to the DJs with his violin and impressed all.

The BRUNCHRave took place in North Brooklyn Farms
The BRUNCHRave took place in North Brooklyn Farms

The BRUNCHRave was not limited to dancing. There was a kiddie pool to jump in and cool off (which a lot of people did, even if it was just getting their feet wet). There was a throne, where Michelle Joni made people feel very special with her amazing performance art. There was a group painting. There were massages. Brooklyn Mate was there, giving away free samples of their mate, a sweetened, carbonated version. There were amazing smoothies and food by the Bearded Chef.

A lot of people had fun with The Confetti Project. Jelena, a photographer, is currently documenting people playing with confetti. “Confetti is a medium for celebration,” she explained, as people tossed rose petals overhead and dove into the fluttering petals. People shared what their passions were, and expressed their emotions via tossing confetti.

It was a dance party like no other – no alcohol to fuel the energy and emotions. People were excited by the amazing scenery, the friendly crowd, the play with the confetti, the glitter streaks on everyone’s cheeks, and random bits of acroyoga. Strangers conversed, boats sped by on the East River as children ran around shooting water guns at their parents, and the bridge seemed to hover over us, full of slow-moving cars, while we sped around, dancing in circles down below.

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