El Toro Ironworks (formerly El Toro Taqueria) is my most local of local Mexican joints. Their tacos were the first takeout I ordered after moving into my apartment (flashback to the days I used to diligently illustrate my meals(!)) and I still pop in whenever I want something super-quick for dinner.

In January, long time Greenpoint resident Sebouh Yegparian took over ownership of the restaurant, seeking a change from the many years he’d spent working in the music industry. Whilst he’s kept the overall feel of the place the same, he’s gradually implementing new elements to make the eat-in dining experience even more enjoyable.

Most noticeably, the secluded back yard has been given an overhaul. It is now a pretty, sunny spot with potted plants and leaf-green parasols (and even the occasional visiting Northern Cardinal), perfect for a quiet moment with a trio of tacos and a beer.

Booze is also a new addition, and El Toro recently celebrated the granting of their liquor license with a selection of  wine and bottled beers. They are now gradually introducing spirits to the bar, starting with tequila (obvs.).

The food menu still features all the staples (tacos, burritos, quesadillas) for under $10, and a trio of tacos with rice and beans is just $12.50. Taco options include steak with kimchi, chipotle pork with avocado salsa, and grilled and chilled fish, all of which come topped with pickled red onions, cilantro, cotija cheese and salsa. House-made hummus is a newly-added side and if you’re in need of refreshment they do horchata made with organic rice milk.


Given his roots in the music industry, Sebouh is keen to highlight some of the acts playing across the road at Warsaw, and has a dedicated board listing the upcoming gigs (Primal Scream and Dan Deacon are up this month…). He tells us that lots of customers only find out about Warsaw events from the sign at El Toro, and in turn I’ve no doubt the restaurant is also happily discovered by many looking for some pre-concert sustenance.

El Toro Ironworks is at 254 Driggs Avenue (between McGuinness Boulevard and Eckford Street). It is open daily for eat-in and takeout from noon-10pm.

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  1. This is nothing like the previous restaurant. Menu is totally different and food is disgusting – no veg options and entirely new staff. Why serve hummus at a Mexican restaurant. AVOIDE!!

  2. Great menu enjoyed in the relaxing back patio! I know where I will be spending part of my staycation this summer. The Avocado/Lime Salsa with tortilla chips and the Tacos al Pastor are particularly more-ish.

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