Greenpoint Open Studios Walking Tour #1: The Rain Game

Rain, rain go away ©Greenpointers IG takeover by @carahowephoto

It’s raining, and then it’s not. You don’t have shoes for this and your umbrella kind of half works, but you still want to hit the streets and see some art. We got you—just follow our Greenpoint Open Studios Walking Tour #1.

START: Greenpoint Ave G subway stop (Manhattan Ave & India St exit)              END: 276 Greenpoint Avenue

Just a nice little walk through the neighborhood

First Stop: 960 Manhattan Ave., Eric Lee Bowman, photography + painting

©Eric Lee Bowmen

Second Stop: 960 Manhattan Ave., Emily Noelle Lambert, sculpture + installation

Emily Noelle Lambert's "Curio Logic II" at Lu Magnus

Third Stop: 960 Manhattan Ave., Floor 4, Bill Abdale, photography

©Bill Abdale

Fourth Stop: 948 Manhattan Ave., Rzeszowska Bakery (Pick up a pastry for the road)

Fifth Stop: 150 Kent St., Jess Rees, painting + drawing

"Volumetric" ©Jess Rees

Sixth Stop: 150 Kent St., Matthew Ortega, collages

©Matthew Ortega

Seventh Stop: 159 Greenpoint Ave., Adelina’s (a Greenpoint Open Studios hub)

Eighth Stop: 250 Greenpoint Ave., Beck Berrett, painting

Untitled (Water), 2012 ©Beck Berrett

Ninth Stop: 251 Greenpoint Ave. (at Dusty Rose Vintage), Libby VanderPloeg, drawing + illustration

©Libby VanderPloeg

Tenth Stop: 253 Greenpoint Ave., 2E (at Brooklyn Art Studios), Andrea Packard, painting

©Andrea Packard

11th Stop: 253 Greenpoint Ave., #8, Emilia Olsen, painting + drawing

©Emilia Olsen

12th Stop: 253 Greenpoint Ave., #8, Matthew Schwab, painting + photography

©Matthew Schwab

13th Stop: 276 Greenpoint Ave., Bldg 8, 3rd floor, Studio L, Brendan Carroll, painting

©Brendan Carroll

END: 276 Greenpoint Avenue

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Ona Abelis is a poet & journalist in Brooklyn.

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