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“escaping into the who goes there? & now’s not the time to act silly, so wear your big boots & jump on the garbage clowns, the hourly rate & the enema men &…”

Crystal Jukebox Hymn, composed of text from Bob Dylan’s experimental poetry prose collection Tarantula, is an immersive experience for the audience who are beckoned to follow an eclectically eccentric group of characters which have been ripped from the confines of a social hierarchy and woven together in a multi-media performance traversing through a crime scene, a bar, a forest, an asylum, a cave and everywhere in between, always with an inherent call for the road and noise on the street. Their every move is captured and splayed against the back wall by the watchful eye of The Narrator, who likes to disguise himself as the Chief of Police. Issues of prejudice, minority, propaganda, corruption, war and privacy that exist within are all unravelled through the rhythmic stream of conscious flow of Bob Dylan’s imaginative words.

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Follow this group of characters as they attempt to escape an imposed conformity and maintain privacy, leading you beyond the stage, through the lobby and even the dressing room.

Crystal Jukebox Hymn is running Thursday October 2nd thru Sunday October 5th at The Brick Theater (579 Metropolitan Ave) and tickets are $18.


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Scott Janneke as Prince Hamlet, Hillary Capps as Aretha, Hunter MacNair as Crazy Mailman, J.R. Yussuf as Narrator/Chief of Police, Coco Conroy as Claudette, Renée Meyers as Housewife, Virginia Rupert as Senator, Elisa Marti as Mary of the Temple and Yael Shavitt as Jane Russell.

Created and directed by G.J. Dowding, original music by Anthony Farina and Hillary Capps, sound design by Nathan Leigh, lighting design by Jonathan Cottle, video design by Anna Henson and Bryce Cutler and lighting/sound board operation by Kaleigh Hays-Lenihan.

“…major accolades are in order for creator/director G.J. Dowding for setting his hand to such challenging material and turning it into an accessible, highly enjoyable performance….what’s extraordinary is that so much was brought to life in a simple, square space…” -Ona Abelis, Art Director, Greenpointers from her review of Crystal Jukebox Hymn during its work-in-progress performance at Glasshouse Artlifelab back in July. Read more.

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