Attention Rebel Alliance

On Saturday, September 20, the Rebel Alliance – and their friends and foes – will converge for a night of fun and debauchery at t.b.d. brooklyn (224 Franklin St). The huge lounge will be kitted out in Star Wars theme, including a full-sized Han Solo carbonite (see video), Salacious Crumb figure, Sith and Jedi light sabers, Mandalorian warrior probe and more. Original Star Wars artwork will be featured on the walls.

Rebel IPA will sponsor the event with free samples of their delicious, hoppy brew. Other drinks specials, including sinister ones the dark side, will complete the drinks menu.

Naturally, the movie series will be on the TVs and theme music will be playing on the speakers.

Make sure to represent your favorite Star Wars hero (or villain!) – we’ll be awarding a drinkable prize for the best costume.


The fun starts at 8p and ends when the fat lady, err… Jaba the Hutt sings.

Sponsored post courtesy of TBD.

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