Having a good time at the Brooklyn Brewery ©ARTCRANK

After a pair of packed-to-the-rafters SoHo openings in the past two years, ARTCRANK— an international pop-up show of bicycle-inspired posters—headed across the East River to Brooklyn Brewery for its biggest NYC show yet this past Thursday, September 4. 

Bike poster enthusiasts checking out the goods ©ARTCRANK

The sidewalk in front of the brewery looked like the streets of Copenhagen as crowds poured in to experience the one-night event featuring limited edition work by 30 local artists (and to enjoy the tasty beers!). “Some of the posters really caught my eye,” said Greenpoint resident Lindsay McCafferty, “They were really creative and looked cool.”

©Desiree Stavracos

The people were merry; the beer was flowing; and the posters were affordable (signed & numbered posters were sold for 50 dollars each). This year, upwards of 800 people wandered in over the course of a few hours, and some left as the owners of new artworks. “ARTCRANK always brings people who are passionate about bikes and art together for a night of good times and community,” says New York City designer Fred DiMelgio. “The excitement is palpable, and the posters resonate with show-goers.”

He likes what he sees; therefore, he tweets ©ARTCRANK

Since its conception in 2007, ARTCRANK has hosted more than fifty such “bike poster parties” in US cities, as well as across the pond in Paris, London and Manchester. The event’s organizers strive to adhere to a simple formula: “Throw a party featuring affordable posters designed by talented local artists, celebrating bicycles, and the people who ride them.” And so they did. Scroll down below to see some more bike-lovin’ posters:

©Kervin Brisseaux


©Chris Rushing


©Julia Melograna


©Michael Tabie


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