Jungle Cafe

“Wow,” someone said as I waited in line on opening day. “I’m not even a vegetarian, but there’s definitely way too much bacon in this area. This is a relief.”

Jungle Cafe (996 Manhattan Ave) is certainly a relief for the vegetarians and vegans of North Brooklyn. But fortunately it’s also incredibly delicious and so comes as a welcome addition to the rest of us as well.

While the full menu is not yet available (but should be within days), a fantastic salad and hot food bar is set up for people to fill their plates buffet-style.

Serve yourself deliciousness from the hot buffet

An all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch is a very reasonable $10.49 and includes items such as hummus, steamed kale, avocado salad, cucumbers with dill, beet ragout, sweet potato pie, and roasted vegetables. The items change daily, even hourly. When something runs out, they might replace with a completely different dish, so you’ll never be bored with the selection. It’s delicious and filling and makes for the perfect place to stop by for a quick lunch or dinner.

They also have a great selection of fresh smoothies and juices – Coco Loco (pineapple, coconut,banana) is wonderfully refreshing.


“The food is mostly gluten free, mostly sugar free, organic when available, and  is freshly prepared daily,”Manuel Rufino of the Jungle Café said. He had noticed an absence of vegetarian restaurants in Greenpoint and wanted to do something to change this.

The Jungle Cafe mural

But the Jungle Café isn’t just a restaurant, it’s also an event space. “The vision is to bring good food together with musicians, poets, writers, and spiritual teachers in a place for gathering.”

“We want to teach people about good diet, and provide information,” Rufino told Greenpointers. “Our restaurant’s goal is to attract regular people who have little knowledge of vegetarianism. We want to create a bridge for people to come to understand that food is about health and joy.”

Stop by and try the buffet, or the full menu when it is launched. Delivery is on the cards eventually, but for now, Jungle Cafe is definitely worth the walk.

I heard someone confessing to their dinner date, “This place is a problem – how am I not going to eat here every night?”

Restraint will definitely be difficult.

Jungle Cafe is on 996 Manhattan Avenue, at the corner of Huron.

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