I was out of town for a little while, but now I’m back and ready to share some information about cool shows, new music and videos, and good films, all taking place within the next week. Here we go.

Two local bands I really dig are Crazy Pills and Sunset Guns, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I want to make sure you know about their upcoming show together at Radio Bushwick tonight. They will play with Wild Bore, Valved Voice, and The Rally. It’s $8 and starts at 8:00. You can find info and RSVP here. And do check out Restless from Crazy Pills on Bandcamp. It’s so good.

If you didn’t know, Nitehawk has been in the midst of doing FREE outdoor shows on Sundays. The series concludes this coming Sunday the 3rd with Three Amigos. It will feature a live musical performance by Mariachi Estrella Juvenil, and it takes place at 50 Kent Avenue (between North 11th and 12th in Williamsburg). Entry is free and begins at 5:00. Refreshments and food will be for sale. Music is at 7:00 and the film starts at sunset. More info here.

Another music-film hybrid event at Nitehawk takes place next weekend on Fri 8/8 and Sat 8/9 at 12:15 AM. Enter the Dragon, the acclaimed Bruce Lee flick, will screen with a live soundtrack by Morricone Youth. Sounds pretty rad. You can get info and tickets here.

Earlier this year, I wrote about the debut EP of former neighborhood band Basinger. I liked it. I’m happy to say they have another release out that’s also very good. It’s called King of Junk. Here’s a link to song “Stood Up,” and here’s a live video of “King of Junk.”


Cloud Seeding is a free form, collaborative project of Kevin Serra. It’s been in the works for several years now. Kevin recently issued his seventh single, which was mixed local at Alligator Lady Studio. It’s called “Kaleidocycle II,” and it’s an instrumental track that is somehow both intimate and epic. The title evokes a kaleidoscope, which fits well to the song, as it allows you to envision any number of things as you listen. It offers a multiplicity of moods and feelings that shift and mutate, all the while remaining a beautiful song to get lost in. You can hear all the singles thus far on soundcloud or bandcamp.

Finally, there was a lovely single released last month that I haven’t been able to get on the site but have been eager to do so. It’s from Carrie Ashley Hill, an assured singer-songwriter who spins interesting tales over unadorned but lovely folk/Americana backdrops. The tracks are “Found You” and “Washed Up Together.” To me, each has a chorus that quietly sneak up and floor you, and the music fits in perfectly. The interplay of Carrie and Jeff Berrall of Caveman on “Found You” heightens it, and I love how “Washed Up Together” swells in size and emotion. You can find more info on Carrie’s site, which will also include videos starting August 5th.

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