Jon & Baby Sam

After an already sold out farm dinner on Thursday 5/1- Lineage Farm CSA has a message from Greenpointers’ readers:

Dear Greenpointers,

Such a slow spring – we seem to hear these words every time we see another farmer – the nightly temperatures are just low enough to keep the soil from warming up, it’s just not growing yet…But it doesn’t seem so on our farm! With the Technological benefits of our wood-heated greenhouse for seedling starts and the spun-fabric row covers on the garden beds, and the Natural benefits of light, well-drained soil and a slight southern facing slope, we’re right on target to start harvesting for you and yours in the first half of June. CSA members will then be delving into our organically and biodynamically grown Season’s bounty. We offer small and full shares for 23 weeks, and members choose which vegetables to take home from each week’s harvest. Don’t like beets or kohlrabi? Choose broccoli and kale instead! Or double up on spinach, if that’s your style. Peruse our CSA options at www.lineagefarmcsa.com/signup.

Yesterday we transplanted several beds, getting in the weekly lettuce heads, the scallions, beets, and radicchio. The broccoli, chard, kale, and onions – to name a few veggies already “out there” – have taken well to life outside the greenhouse. The weeds, too, are enjoying a burst of spring growth, keeping us busy on the cultivating tractor, with our scuffle hoes, and on our knees hand weeding. We’ve already spent a few mornings on hands and knees peering at the miniscule carrot seedlings to discern which is wanted and which is baby grass. Actually, I was scooting down the row on my butt, with my four month old baby, Sam, blissfully cuddled in my lap. We have certainly been blessed with an easy going, happy baby, to be spending so many hours with me in the greenhouse or in the field!


All last month, I would make my way out to the farm in the morning, bearing Sam, his diaper bag (with many diaper and outfit changes), and my water and lunch bag, thankful that I am at least able to provide for his nourishment without the help of yet another bag, and watching in excited anticipation as the tulips and daffodils slowly forced their way up through the soil. I was yearning for some bright, flowery adornments, to share with Sam in his constant seeking to explore and know this world. And while I was delighted to see the fancy blossoms finally appear (as were the squirrels, who promptly beheaded a number of tulips), Sam in his wisdom reminded me of the simpler spring delight – Dandelions! He doesn’t seem to much notice the tulips, in all their high-bred glory, but the dandelions (especially accompanied by the neighborhood ducks) entrance him. Luckily, we’ve got them in abundance!

This Thursday, all of Greenpoint (or rather, the first 30 who rsvped) will join us for a Lineage Farm to Table Annual Dinner at Eat on Meserole Avenue. Dinner is SOLD OUT! $20 and FREE for CSA members. Bring a CSA commitment form and payment to the door for a delicious farmer-cooked meal, including the last of our winter squash, sweet carrots, this spring’s new greens, farmer-made kim-chee, and Lineage Farm Heritage Wheat Sourdough breads. I’m into fizzy and fermented beverages as well as veggies these days (no, I don’t mean beer), and so plan to provide you with homemade kombucha and water kefir soda.

Along with our vegetable CSA options, we also offer a number of supplemental shares from our friends at other sustainable Hudson Valley farms – from Maple Syrup, to Meat and Eggs, to biodynamic Apples and local organic Ginger! Join us now, and reap the bounty all season long!

Amidst the blossoms,
Hoping to become,
Your Farmers,
Jen and Jon, and baby Sam

Sponsored post courtesy of Lineage Farm CSA.

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