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Now that your taxes are done, how will you spend your weekend without spending your return before it even posts to your account? Here’s your Weekend Art Happenings to help you in this matter:

This week’s last dying gasp of winter is a good reason to put off spring cleaning projects and head over to BAM to catch Wes Anderson’s 8th opus, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Who knows, maybe one of his meticulously curated sets will inspire you to finally take out that stack of pizza boxes that accumulated over the winter. Already seen it? BAM is also showing Jonathan Glazer’s seductive sci-fi flick, Under the Skin. And if Scarlett isn’t your color, then perhaps a special 10th anniversary screening of Tarnation followed by Q&A with director/subject Jonathan Caouette will be.

Got an OKCupid date with your bespectacled bohemian dream boy/girl Friday night? If I was in your loafers, which would be creepy, I’d pray for sun and take them to Troutman St. and Saint Nicholas Ave. to see The Bushwick Collective’s outdoor street art gallery. After you can head over to Storefront Ten Eyck for the opening reception of  2014 Yale University MFA sculptors. In the project space René Smith’s series of paintings, Nude Dudes will give you an opportunity to see where your date stands on gender politics. This might provide you with some sapiosexual conversation fodder for the train ride back to  Greenpoint or, if you’re lucky, over coffee at Cafe Grumpy with them the next morning.

© Rene Smith

If you’re not so lucky and you spent your college years attending protests and have a soft spot for the free association of individuals, then head over to Light Industry for a screening of Jean Vigo’s anarchist featurette, Zero for Conduct and Abbas Kiarostami’s rarely-screened documentary, Homework. After we can commiserate about the state and the state of our dating lives over drinks at Manhattan Inn.

Did you know that there’s a twenty-something in the midwest illegally streaming GIRLS and wishing they had your life here in Brooklyn? Do them proud and hit up MoMa PS1 after a mimosa addled brunch Sunday. Korakrit Arunanondchai’s first solo museum exhibition exploring the cyclical nature of life and memory is the perfect digestif. Long Island City isn’t far, it’s like Greenpoint’s top hat and right off the G line.

© Korakrit Arunanondchai


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