Verboten is the newest addition to the "Williamsburg club scene"

Is Williamsburg suffering from megaclub mania? Verboten, a new nightclub, just opened its doors on Wythe and N11th, right near two-story club, Output and nighttime hotspot, Brooklyn Bowl. These venues have arguably created a new Meatpacking District vibe with King & Grove and Kinfolk. The Verboten brand initially started as a pop-up house and techno party before moving to its new Williamsburg home and will specialize in “underground house and techno music” (which they say is emphatically not EDM).

Some adorable pets found new homes at the Vans X ASPCA Event last weekend and our hearts were warmed. (Gothamist) Speaking of which, these dogs from soon-to-close Unleash still need homes!

On Tuesday 3/25, a man jumped into the L train tracks to retrieve a woman’s cell phone, laid down as the approaching train ran over him (although some accounts differ on whether or not he was hit), emerged unscathed, and then vanished into the night…

We love this piece from Brooklyn Magazine, which calculates how much it would actually cost to live a NY Times lifestyle (via the ridiculously overpriced Style section trend pieces written for who else but wealthy white people). Our favorite has to be paying $3,800 to fly your kids to summer camp in Maine in a private jet, which is a totally middle class thing to do, right?

A five-gallon jug of coins was stolen from a local apartment; it was valued at $3-$5,000 and weighted 200 pounds.  We really wish there was some security footage of the guy carrying it out.


A new art and lit journal run entirely by women debuted this week at Pete’s Candy Store. No Tokens Journal, created in a Greenpoint apartment, is an homage to the physical object of print media and features writing and artwork of all kinds.

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