Tumbleweeds Art Campers Showing Off Their Creations

The closest I ever got to art at summer camp was making friendship bracelets. Art camp didn’t exist when I was a kid – oh the things I would have made!

Give your child the opportunity to make and learn about REAL art this summer at Tumbleweeds Art Camp, taught by local teaching artist Hayley Youngs.

Located at the beautiful Awakening NY wellness center, Tumbleweeds Art Camp will run for 3 weeks this July 2014 for children 4-8 years old.

Each day campers work on structured art projects with one-on-one attentions, plus free art time to find their inner Picasso. Painting, sculpture, printmaking, fiber art and recycled art are just some examples of what your child will be getting into. Snack time, lunchtime and outdoor playtime will take place nearby at the McCarren Park Playground.


Don’t wait. Summer camps fill up quickly in North Brooklyn.

To register email Hayley at tumbleweedsartgroup@gmail.com

For more information, visit Tumbleweeds’ Website.

Schedule and detailed camp information follows:

Camp Schedule:

Week 1 – July 7th-11th

Artists and Their Styles (lesson and project) – Claes Oldenburg food sculpture, Bridget Riley Op Art and Van Gogh’s impressionistic paintings

Early Art History (lesson and project)- Paleolithic cave paintings and African Masks

Art For Fun – Weaving and make your own sketchbook

Techniques and Theories – Frottage collage as well as pen and ink cross hatching techniques

Week 2 – July 14th-18th

Artists and Their Styles (lesson and project)- Andy Warhol’s Pop art, Joseph Cornell’s Surreal Assemblages and Paul Klee’s expressionism

Early Art History (lesson and project)- Chinese Scroll painting and French Cathedral stained glass windows

Art For Fun – Learn how to sew and collaborative installation art

Techniques and Theories – Perspective and light & shadow

Week 3 – July 21st-25th

Artists and Their Styles (lesson and project)- Alexander Calder’s wire sculpture, Piet Mondrian’s geometric abstraction and Alberto Giacometti’s sculptural surrealism

Early Art History (lesson and project)- Greek vase painting/sculpture as well as Roman Clay Bust

Art For Fun – Design and print your own shirt and recycled art

Techniques and Theories – Color theory and positive/negative space

Camp Details:

Location: Awakening NY (607 Manhattan Ave) Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Ages 4-8, Small groups, one-on-one attention


15% discount for siblings

$150 per week deposit required at registration to reserve spot (Non-refundable, goes toward final balance)

Payment in full for each week must be made prior to the first day of camp

To register, email Hayley at tumbleweedsartgroup@gmail.com

More info about Instructor:

Hayley Youngs is an abstract painter and art instructor living in Brooklyn. She holds a BFA from Pratt Institute. Her art has been included in group shows at the Sears-Peyton Gallery, Fischbach Gallery, and A.I.R. Gallery in NYC. Hayley is passionate about early childhood arts education and has taught at many NYC children’s art programs, including the Children’s Museum of the Arts, The Painted Cloud, St. Nicks Alliance, The School Settlement Association, Leman Manhattan Preparatory School, New York elementary schools, early childhood enrichment centers, The YMCA, and the America Reads program.

Hayley’s Mission:

As a teaching artist I strive to create an environment for the children to discover their own inner artist through experimenting with a variety of materials. I want my students to come away from each class with a better understanding of the many forms of art including the classics – printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture as well as non-conventional ways of making art. I try to combine experiential sensory art as well as projects inspired by artists through out art history into our classes so the children can gain a full appreciation for all areas of creation. I allow the students to also become involved with project planning process so that they can see ideas from their own imaginations come to life.

I feel my role, as a teaching artist is to influence my students to express themselves in a positive and healthy way, always aiming to show them new ideas and ways of creative thinking that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Through teaching art I have seen my students grow with confidence, create new ranges of intelligence, expand their fine motor skills, learn how to work together as a team and successfully set a goal and see the results. I am committed to encouraging my students to be free with their creativity so that they can produce unique and personal artwork. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work with my students and being a part of helping them grow as an artist and an individual.

Parent Testimonial:

“My son looks forward to Hayley’s art group all week long, truly the highlight of his week. Her energy and enthusiasm make it such a wonderfully rich experience. She takes the upmost care with each child to make sure that all their little needs are met, that they make amazing projects and that they have a wonderful time.

The level of the art projects she does with the kids has blown us away. They are far superior to anything we have seen or experienced in any other programs. She spends so much time planning and gathering materials before the group; I really don’t know how she does it. Picasso, Louise Nevelson and Matisse inspired some of our favorite projects they did. She teaches them about the artists as well as the process. On all levels it is a very special program.

Hayley is truly a gem! We feel so lucky to have her art group available to us!”

-Diana Zelvin

Sponsored post courtesy of Tumbleweeds Art Camp.

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