East River Ferry Plank Fell Into The East River; Image @daviddymmel

We Greenpointers absolutely love riding on the East River Ferry, but what happened this morning around 9am at the India St pier is very unsettling.

The Daily News reported that after commuters had crossed the ramp and were safely on the ferry, the ramp detached and plunged into an icy cold East River. Needless to say, we are thankful no one was injured, but they were understandably pretty freaked out.

Service is suspended at this time and an investigation into WTF happened is happening. More photos after the jump! 

© Alan Tansey
© Alan Tansey

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  1. Shutdown the entire system until a safety inspection can be made. At least do a safety inspection. Welcome to third world New York City with sh$t infrastructure, Internet, (no IT business can compete) and a ridiculous seperation of wealth.

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