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Did you know that flowers have purpose and their colors have specific meaning? On Valentines Day, there will be a plethora of options for flowers, candy and other gifts to chose from, but can you offer a purposeful and meaningful gift?

The Little Glass Slipper, a floral design boutique located at 200 Franklin St in Greenpoint, uses colors, herbs and herbal flowers to create a sensory gift giving experience and shares some insight about what these flowers can do.

Roses are making a comeback this Valentine's Day!

Some purposeful flowers and herbs available in February are eucalyptus, and rosemary. Eucalyptus is antiviral and antibacterial and is great for helping you get over the common cold. If you want to treat yourself to a cleansing and energizing warm shower hang some eucalyptus on your shower head and let the vapors do the rest. Rosemary is also antibacterial and antiviral and helps keep your kitchen counters clean and free from toxic chemicals. Even singles can treat themselves and their home to some self love this holiday.

Now, it’s time for the rose to make a comeback!


The rose is the classic Valentine’s Day flower. Treat your loved ones to this classic symbol of love. The rose is herbal and has therapeutic properties as well. The rose attar or the essential oil of the rose is highly prized and very expensive. It is used in perfumery and aromatherapy. Rose water is astringent and can be used to cleanse the skin. Rose hips are high in vitamin C and can be great in tea.

Colors also affect the human psyche.

Red is an energizing color full of passion which promotes action and energizes us. This is definitely a good choice if you want to energize and encourage.

Pink is a color seen a lot around Valentines Day, too and is considered to give unconditional love, understanding and nurturing.

Valentines Day is about celebrating love in all of its forms, so don’t forget to treat your friends and family, who show you unconditional love all year round. If you are non traditional, a mix of pink and red is beautiful and will highlight the beauty of your love and all of its dimensions.

Yellow inspires happiness, hope and up-lifts your mood. It can help awaken greater optimism and confidence. Sometimes we all a need a little encouragement. And remember, co-workers need love too!

Green connects us to nature, healing, balances emotions and helps create a sense of calm. A green based arrangement can offer a healing and nurturing touch in these drab winter months. To help someone connect with the restorative effects of being in nature; give them something green.

Purple inspires the imagination and spirituality. This is an introspective color that allows us to look deeper. Gift this to the artist in your life or that beautiful introspective soul who enjoys connecting with their spirit.

The Little Glass Slipper will be available to take pre-orders to help you save and
make sure that you get the best quality flowers and receive some helpful facts as well.

Please order by Wednesday the 12th and receive $15.00 off when you order $75.00 or more. The Little Glass Slipper will create an arrangement that tells a beautiful story for you to bring home.

Valentines Day offerings will include raspberries, anemones and ranunculus to name a few in beautiful simple cylinders and rectangle vases made with recycled glass. Delivery is available throughout the 5 boroughs.

The Little Glass Slipper is located at 200 Franklin St. Brooklyn, NY 11222 between India and Huron.

Sponsored post courtesy of The Little Glass Slipper.

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