Abridged Greenpointer’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Need some father’s day gift inspiration? There’s plenty of cool stuff to give right here in your own backyard!  Here’s a short list of ideas (which is admittedly in no way comprehensive, as there are so many more awesome small businesses here in north Brooklyn, so feel free to add to the list of ideas in the comments section).

1. Tacos, La Norteña / Vamos Al Tequila  2. Fine craft beers, Brouwerij Lane  3. Engraved biz card case, In God We Trust  4. Nice new comb, Chopin Chemists  5. Vintage VHS, The Thing  6. Slice of pizza, Vinnie’s / Franklin Pizza  7. Fine colognes, Old Hollywood  8. Coveralls, Pop’s Popular Clothing  9. Succulants (a.k.a. plants that require minimal care), Homecoming (formerly known as Spina)  10. Donut, Peter Pan  11. Delicious cheeses and Keta candy, Eastern District  12. Sweet shades, Alter  13. A funny old tshirt, People of 2Morrow  14. Fancy and rare spirits, Duke’s Liquor Box  15. Beach tote, M. Carter  16. Pour over coffee maker, Budin  17. A nice rosé, Dandelion Wine  18. Polish chocolates, Slodycze Wedel  19. A whole, fresh fish, Pura Vida Stand at McCarren Park Greenmarket  20. Stool for sitting and pondering, Bklyn Curated  21. Basketball, BQ Sports  22. Cool kicks, Wolves Within  23. Vintage vinyl, Permanent Records / Academy Records / Co-op 87 / Records Grouch  24. Portable bike pump and other biking accessories, Silk Road Cycles / B’s Bikes / Greenpoint Bikes  25. Bobbers and other fishing accessories, Dream Fishing Tackle  26. Polish sausages, smoked meats, and pickles, Nassau Meat Market / Mazur Meak Market (and so many more!)  27. A good book, like this one about the Pogues, Word. 

Illustration by Libby VanderPloeg

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Mad Deals For Your Mom // Greenpoint Mother’s Day Guide


Mother's Day is this Sunday!

She put up with you your entire life (not to mention MADE you alive) so you clearly owe her more than a phone call and a mass produced greeting card.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, but don’t worry, you still have plenty of time. We’ve put together this Greenpoint Mother’s Day Guide so you can keep the shopping local and still shower her with awesomeness. We are making this REALLY easy so don’t phone it in this year. Your welcome. Happy Mother’s Day! Continue reading

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The Meaning Of Flowers & Their Colors // The Little Glass Slipper’s Early Bird Special!


Bouquet by The Little Glass Slipper

Did you know that flowers have purpose and their colors have specific meaning? On Valentines Day, there will be a plethora of options for flowers, candy and other gifts to chose from, but can you offer a purposeful and meaningful gift?

The Little Glass Slipper, a floral design boutique located at 200 Franklin St in Greenpoint, uses colors, herbs and herbal flowers to create a sensory gift giving experience and shares some insight about what these flowers can do. Continue reading

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Today! 67 West St, 5th Fl!

What are you doing today? We have a BIG idea! Come to our Valentine’s Market and enjoy a fun day of eating, crafting, loving and shopping locally for Valentine’s gift from talented makers – along with the rest of this amazing Greenpoint community! Can’t wait to see you!

Greenpointers Valentine’s Market
Sunday Feburary 9, 2014, 1-7pm
67 West St, 5th Fl

Preview all the vendors.
Learn about all the FREE activities.


Our sponsors rock!
Brooklyn Brewery
Susty Party
Brooklyn Makers
Greenpoint Trading Co.
Cafe Grumpy
Adelina's BK
Cafecito Bogotá
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Gift Guide: Cafe Grumpy Gift Box Makes BEST Last Minute Gift

Well folks there are only 2 days until the big Christmas Day and many of us are scrambling. Maybe we forgot about our sister-in-law or that weird cousin no one talks about. Well everyone loves coffee – especially Cafe Grump Coffee. So when you’re getting your first or third daily espresso, grab a gift box before its too late! You don’t want to remember in the airport or on the road and be forced into buying a snow globe. (Nothing against snow globes)

AFRICAN SELECTIONS – Holidays 2013 $40 Continue reading

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Kale Pies Are Back at Paulie Gee’s: Gift Guide

Do your parents ask you, “What do you want for Christmas?” and you never have any idea? Why not ask them for a gift certificate to one of your favorite local restaurants? Paulie Gee’s, Greenpoint’s best pizza restaurant, offers gift certificates!

Nothing is better on a cold winter night than warming up to delicious pizza out of a hot wood fired oven.

Is your Mom like mine? Does she actually make you get the present and then wraps it and gives it back to you? In that case it’s so easy – just call or stop in one hour before opening – around 5pm to grab your gift certificate from Paulie Gee’s.

And BIG NEWS – Kale Pies are back!

See the menu at

Paulie Gee’s
60 Greenpoint Ave
(347) 987-3747

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East River Tattoo: Gift Guide (DISCOUNT!)

If you live in Brooklyn, then at least one person on your gift giving list has a tattoo and you know once you get one – you can’t stop!

Maybe your roommate needs one more tat to complete his sleeve or your sister needs to cover up that butterfly on her shoulder she got on her 16th birthday. Greenpointers’ gift guide can help!

Our favorite local tattoo shop, East River Tattoo is offering 20% Off Gift Certificates for Greenpointers readers. Do the math. That’s $100 Gift Certificates for ONLY $80! Just mention Greenpointers and this deal is yours!

Founded in the summer of 2000 by Duke Riley, East River Tattoo is located on Brooklyn’s historic Greenpoint waterfront. The artists of East River Tattoo specialize in high quality custom tattoo designs in a variety of styles, heavily influenced by maritime folk art and 19th century traditional tattooing often evoking antique nautical charts, woodcuts, engravings and scrimshaw.

East River Tattoo
1047 Manhattan Avenue (between Freeman and Eagle)
(718) 532-8282

Follow East River Tattoo on Instagram @eastrivertattoo

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Featured Vendor: Metal Atelier

Metal Atelier, a featured vendor at our Holiday Market, is a one woman show, creating jewelry using precious and non precious metals in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Anna Butwell strives to make pieces that stand the test of time.

We interviewed Anna about her love for jewelry making and Greenpoint. Continue reading

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Featured Vendor: Classic Baby Tux

You’re going to get a real kick out of our Holiday Market featured vendor The Classic Baby Tux. I mean what else are you going to put your infant in at the next wedding or formal event?

In 1981 Kathy Sharon, a new Mom, fashion illustrator and dabbling clothing designer, created a one piece, cotton knit Baby Tuxedo with classic undertails for infants to wear to formal events.

The Classic Baby Tux was a huge success, reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, NYT, Money Magazine and worn by Prince William – for real!

Now, in 2013, The Classic Baby Tux remains amusing and comfy for baby, still classic!

Learn more in this adorable Classic Baby Tux video! Continue reading

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Shopping Roundup: Best Ways to Rep Greenpoint

Whether gifting an out-of-towner with a bit of local flair, or you just want to show off your neighborhood pride, repping Greenpoint is sure to get you major street cred. See below for our favorite picks from around the ‘hood.


Café Grumpy – 193 Meserole Ave

Already loved by GP locals, Café Grumpy is almost famous for it’s reoccurring role on ‘Girls’ as the place of work for Hannah and [real life Greenpoint fixture] Ray. This tote is sure to impress by displaying a dual appreciation for artisanal coffee and local pop culture.



Alter – 140 Franklin St

A major neighborhood fixture, the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse is a place of mystery and history. Originally established as the largest rope factory in the country, this structure has seen some of the best and worst of our neighborhood’s past, from a women-fueled 1910 riot to a 2003 Santacon after party (dubbed the Sick Santa Explorathon). Get in a nostalgic spirit by rocking one of these – just be sure to know something about the establishment first.


In God We Trust – 70 Greenpoint Ave

Add some love to your layers with this brass-etched Greenpoint signage necklace made by local jewelry designer ‘Brooklynski’. Available in both black and white on 16″ chains. Bonus: Half of all proceeds go to funding arts programs at Brooklyn public schools.


Cato’s Army & Navy – 654 Manhattan Ave

Maybe the best gift on the list, this comfy tee comes in 4 colors and ranges in sizes from Small to 2XL. It is sure to suit anyone from your Great Aunt Margo to your obese cousin Timmy.



Kill Devil Hill, 170 Franklin St

Compiled by Greenpointers’ owner, Jen G., this photographic journal of our beloved ‘hood makes a perfect coffee table book – slash – conversation starter. Mosey on over to Kill Devil Hill to show GP some love while dually helping to support our beloved boss.


Word, 126 Franklin Street

Show off your nerdy know-how by supporting our amazing local bookshop with the purchase and sporting of either of these versatile products. Think a T-shirt isn’t versatile? Think again. Try wearing it under a blazer paired with skinny jeans and pumps (OK – go ahead and add the horn-rimmed glasses) and voilà, geek chic.


G – Spot (Online)

We found this T-Shirt designed by Greenpoint artist Chris Smith AKA Subtexture at the recent Greenpoint Gallery Night. The copy on the website reads: “Celebrate gentrification and the taste of fresh chicken with this shirt!” When asked why it doesn’t read “Live Poultry Laughter” as the actual sign on Greenpoint Ave reads since vandals erased the S, Chris said – “because that isn’t funny!”

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